Do You Have Advice for Finding an Agent During the Pandemic?

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New to L.A., seeking an agent during the pandemic.
I recently relocated to Los Angeles (August 2020) from Las Vegas, after 17 years working with I.A.T.S.E. doing stage, film, trade-show, TV, corporate, and all sorts of gigs, big and small. Now I’m in L.A., pursuing my dreams of acting, voiceover, and public speaking.

“Any advice on getting a professional agent who is legitimate and a good fit for a newbie to the Hollywood industry?” —NeonDreamGuy

How do I find scripts? A non-writer searching for a passion project… 
First, let me give you some background. I have been a corporate video producer for the past five years, which in my experience means that I’m the company photographer, videographer, grip, gapher, editor, sound mixer, and director. Rarely, though, am I the originator of the ideas for those videos. So figuring out how to make the thing isn’t as much of an issue for me as finding something to make.

“I want to make a film (any length will do), but I’m not a screenwriter and I don’t know anyone who is. Is there a way for me to find scripts that I can work with where I don’t have to write the whole thing myself? All suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance.” —jmang

Guest star roles?
“Typically, what would you say the turnaround is for a callback for a guest star role in a show that is currently filming?” —evie6

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