How to Get Cast on ‘FBoy Island’

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Finding love on television is becoming more common than you think. From “The Bachelor” franchise to “Love Is Blind,” there’s no shortage of reality TV programs that tout successful long-term pairings. But as contestants have discovered over the years, not everyone signs up for the right reasons—and that’s the crux of “FBoy Island.” While three female leads join the show to find a lasting relationship, some male contestants are simply in it to win it.

Whether you’re looking for love or hoping for a cash payout, this guide outlines everything you need to know about getting cast on “FBoy Island.” Read on to learn more about the show’s premise and what the casting process entails.


What is “FBoy Island” about?

Each season of “FBoy Island” introduces three single women and 20 or so bachelors vying for the women’s affection. The women hope to find “the one” among the selection of self-declared “Nice Guys,” men who are genuinely there to find love, and “FBoys,” men who are mainly there to win the $100,000 cash prize. 

As the women explore their options, they must tread lightly to ensure they fall for a Nice Guy, not an FBoy. They won’t know if they’ve made the right decision until the season finale when their chosen man’s true intentions are finally revealed. If the lead picks a Nice Guy, the two will divide the prize money evenly and (hopefully) continue their relationship off-screen. But if the lead chooses an FBoy, he gets to call the shots.

Will the FBoy opt to split the grand prize and remain in a relationship with his newfound love? Or will the FBoy claim the whole pot and make a mad dash for the exit? It’s an intense game of chance that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

“FBoy Island” originally debuted on HBO Max in July 2021, but after two seasons it was canceled. In March 2023, the CW picked up the series, with Season 3 premiering on Oct. 16.

Who is in the cast of “FBoy Island”?

“FBoy Island” is hosted by standup comedian and actress Nikki Glaser, who also created the show’s iconic line: “FBoy, FBye!”

Season 3 again features three leads (including a reality TV veteran!) who will date 21 Nice Guys and FBoys.

The leads: 

  • Daniella Grace, 33, influencer
  • Hali Okeowo, 28, model
  • Katie Thurston, 32, former star of “The Bachelorette” 

Katie Thurston, Hali Okeowo, Daniella Grace

The contestants:

  • Bryce G., 28, consulting firm owner
  • Christian L., 30, teacher and coach
  • Connor F., 26, DJ and health care consultant
  • Curtis “CJ” W., 24, basketball player
  • Deonte “Marquies” P., 25, fitness coach
  • Dio P., 30, Chippendales dancer
  • Elijah D., 25, trucking company co-owner
  • Elisha D., 25, trucking company co-owner
  • Evander C., 25, personal trainer
  • Ian M., 22, works in hospitality 
  • Jared A., 24, model and entrepreneur
  • Jonathan T., 31, fashion creative director
  • Keith M., 30, opera singer
  • Kris T., 25, works in sales for a medical marketing company
  • Marco D., 28, auditor and comedian
  • Nyk R., 32, singer-songwriter
  • Pierce W., 28, yoga teacher
  • Shaun P., 29, personal trainer
  • Steven C., 23, works in finance
  • Tanner G., 25, works in cybersecurity
  • Vince X., 31, lawyer

FBoy Island cast

How does the casting process work for “FBoy Island”?

As with most reality shows, you must be 18 or older to apply for “FBoy Island.” You must also be a legal U.S. resident with a valid passport, as you’ll travel internationally. To apply, begin by completing the casting application online. The questionnaire—which requests background information like name, occupation, and dating history, as well as a few photos—allows men and women to put their name in the running for both lead and contestant as the creators work to bring the spinoff, “FGirl Island,” to television.

Creator Elan Gale told Salon that when it came to casting Season 1’s female leads, he and his team sought women who would support one another. “We didn’t want a show where the women were fighting each other over these men,” he said. “The women here are the catches.”

However, when it came to casting the men, Gale explained, “We cast the show, the group of men, as two separate shows. So the casting calls were different. The entire interview process was different. In the casting of Nice Guys, we treated it as a very traditional dating show, where we were really looking for the people you would put on any dating show where you wanted to present guys with their best foot forward.” 

On the contrary, when casting the so-called FBoys, Gale said his team looked for “guys who want to be on a fun summer show, meet women, bro out, [and] have fun on an island.”

More specifically, showrunners Sam Dean and Bill Dixon told Entertainment Weekly they look for people who believe what they’re saying. “If they say that they’re an FBoy, we are really looking for, what does it mean to you to be an FBoy?” Dean explained. “And then we are looking at the nuances and the levels of what it means to be an FBoy, ’cause we don’t want somebody who’s evil. Is it somebody like [Season 2’s] Mercedes, who’s so strategic and the right side of maniacal, but is going to put himself first in every situation against the guys? Then there are FBoys that we know may have just been players the whole time and have been cheated on by every girlfriend, but are essentially Nice Guys. You think there is a chance that they could really shift their personality.”

Dean and Dixon indicated there’s also a Nice Guy scale. “Even though we’re labeling people as FBoys or Nice Guys, we really try and look for the nuance in the three-dimensional and believe that there are good and bad in each side of the scale,” said Dean.

FBoy Island

Where is “FBoy Island” filmed?

While we won’t know the exact location of Season 3 until it premieres, Season 1 filmed in the Cayman Islands on Grand Cayman. Season 2 was filmed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the private villa Casa Ocho. As the show’s title confirms, we’re essentially guaranteed that each season will be set somewhere tropical.

FBoy Island

When does filming start for Season 4?

The CW hasn’t officially confirmed whether or not the show will return for Season 4, but with an active casting page and its gender-swapped spinoff in the works, we’d say there’s a good chance the series will live to see another season.

FBoy Island

Where can you find “FBoy Island” casting calls and auditions?

You can currently apply to become a contestant on both “FBoy Island” and the upcoming spinoff, “FGirl Island,” via the franchise’s official casting page. Single men and women need only fill out the application, as outlined in the casting process above. Whether you want to take the lead or you’d rather join the pool of potential contestants, you can use one application to try your hand at both.

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Who is the casting director for “FBoy Island”?

Goloka Bolte (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”), Heather Mundy (“Shark Tank”), Cherish Hamutoff (“Love Island”), and Chanel Perrillo (“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”) serve as casting directors for “FBoy Island.”

When casting an unscripted TV show, Bolte told us that applicants should be “ready to tell [their] own story,” as that will resonate with audiences. 

“A casting director will put people at ease in a good unscripted interview. We like to keep it light and fun and get them talking, and then we move around and get the sound bites that we need to craft their story,” she said. “It’s about opening up, being yourself, wearing your heart on your sleeve, and telling us all the things about you. Let your guard down, get excited about the process, and have fun with it. The more you do that, the better the interview we get, the more likely they are to get cast on the show.”

Bolte added that, in many cases, casting directors must “scour the country for people” to find the best candidates. “So much research goes into it, from cold calling to social media to every possible thing that you can think of, like a friend of a friend, someone back home,” she explained. “We will exhaust every avenue to find a cast. It is actually really, really hard work, not just asking for people and having them apply. But it’s also a really fun process. You meet a ton of fascinating people. You never know who’s gonna end up, nowadays, on your computer screen for an interview. It’s cool and exciting, and we’ve really gotten to learn so much about so many different people.”

FBoy Island

What are the best tips for landing a spot on “FBoy Island”?

As someone who’s cast numerous reality TV shows, Bolte recommends putting yourself out there. “Share about your personality. Tell us funny stories,” she said. “Some people really half-ass [applications]. It’s unscripted TV. We want them to be themselves. You can’t be a fake character throughout an entire TV show, so be yourself—or be you after a really strong cup of coffee, the energetic version of yourself when you’re set up for an interview. If you’re kindhearted, show that side of yourself. And if you’re loud and over the top, bring it on. We’re ready.

“I think unscripted casting is a little bit more like investigative journalism,” Bolte continued. “We will get a directive from a client that’s like, ‘Find us a person that has this story, that has this dynamic with their mother, and is looking to buy a house.’ There’s no website that you can post that breakdown on, really. We have to dig into different communities and figure out creative ways to find the stories. It’s incredibly challenging in a very different way than scripted casting.”

Gale told the Hollywood Reporter, “With the women, we were looking for people who would have three different backgrounds when it came to their dating histories.” However, they all had to have some level of experience with FBoys in the past, but were not interested in pursuing such men anymore—although those who are open to reformed FBoys might have the advantage.

“[Season 1’s] CJ [Franco] says at one point that she’s an ‘FBoy tamer.’ And I think that was an important thing—people who wouldn’t just immediately write them off and who would maybe give everyone a chance,” Gale added. “They may fail immediately, but giving someone a chance is really important in any kind of dating show. The more people you give an option to, the better off you’re going to be to find that missing puzzle piece to fit into your life.”

As for the men, casting operates on a spectrum. “We wanted to have fuckboys who were clearly fuckboys, and we wanted to have fuckboys who were partially fuckboys,” said Gale. “And same for the nice guys. The most important part is that we wanted people on both sides to seem to want to have the ability to change. Because evolution over the course of a series is really important. Having an FBoy who is always an FBoy is going to get a little old. And the flip side is having nice guys who are nice not out of nature, but out of what’s been available to them.”