Tell Us, Actors: How Did You Get Your Equity Points?

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Photo Source: Paul Kolnik

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How to earn Equity points? 
For all of you that are Equity, how did you earn your points? Thank you for the help and ideas!” —BeatleJuice

I normally am not asked for a monologue at auditions—I go in for musicals as a dancer/singer. However, on the rare occasion they do ask, I’ve had a hard time. Advice on where to look? I’m looking mostly for contemporary styles.” —Tinydancer714

Headshot/résumé question: 
Hello everyone,

“I had some headshots taken by a professional photographer—what comes after that? What are the different cost effective ways to have a headshot/résumé (i.e. headshot on one side and the résumé on the other) made? I’d appreciate insight. Thanks in advance!” —Actingdan

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