1 Way to Give Yourself More Power in Your Acting Career

WATCH: The Coen brothers wouldn’t have “discovered” Tim Blake Nelson were it not for this.

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“I can certainly say that there is no greater power that any of us has than being able to write,” says Tim Blake Nelson. He learned this firsthand by being cast in what he cites as a career turning point: the Coen brothers’ classic “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” He didn’t meet Joel and Ethan Cohen in the audition room; he instead met them at a screening of the first film he wrote and directed, “Eye of God.” From there, a friendship and professional relationship was fostered, not from auditioning but from creating his own work. In the video above, Nelson, star of “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” and the upcoming “Watchmen,” dives further into just how actors can give themselves more power and agency in their career.

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