How to Actually Get People to Come to Your Show

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How do you get people to your shows?
Unless you’re working a sizable production (and even then sometimes!), it can be tough getting people out to your Off-Off-Broadway show or cabaret! How do you all get people to come out to support local artists in your community? Is it tough for you or are you usually good at rallying the troops? Any tips or tricks to share with artists who may be struggling to get a crowd?” —TheaterNerd

Advice for pregnant actress?
“I am 29 weeks pregnant and SAG-AFTRA. Looking for suggestions on how to get acting and commercial print work during my pregnancy. Any suggestion is most welcome!” —CandiceMyers

SAG VS. nonunion for commercials?
“As I continue weighing taking my card, I want to try and get a read on the availability of commercial opportunities. Right now as I look for commercial work as nonunion, I am seeing quite a bit for both principal and extra roles on Actors Access and Casting Networks. For things that are SAG only, I seem to only see extra roles. Do SAG principal roles only come through agents or other sources? Would love to hear others’ experience in working on both sides and any advice.” —briankzzz

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