4 Tips on How to Meet People + Make Connections in London

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Q: Moving to London and knowing no one, what are some good ways to meet people in the industry? —@0le_fay0*

It can be really daunting, moving to a new city where you don’t know a single human. But fear not! I did it myself 14 years ago, and it all worked out fine. While this industry can initially feel tough to crack, it’s actually one of the most welcoming; everyone wants to help and get to know one another. 

If you’re just arriving in London and aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas:

Join networking groups and filmmaking events: A few to consider are Shooting People’s industry events, Shorts on Tap, Emerging Filmmakers Night, U.K. Actors Tweetup, and Kino London. They all combine talks, screenings, and Q&As with networking and mingling. Subscribe to each event’s newsletter to ensure you know when the next one is. Even if some aren’t back to being in-person yet, many are running online—so it’s still a great way to get to know the organizations and get a feel for what they champion. 

Take classes: The easiest way to meet actors when you’re new in town is through classes. You’re immediately building a bond with other industry professionals, and when you see them weekly, they’ll naturally become part of your circle. 

Participate in MonologueSlam UK: This event touts itself as “the industry showcase for actors from all backgrounds and profiles.” Talent, casting directors, agents, and even production companies go to MonologueSlam to see the fierce acting competition—and also hang out. 

Go to festivals: From the very well-known Edinburgh Festival Fringe to the more relaxed Brighton Fringe, from the Aesthetica Short Film Festival to the London Short Film Festival, there are many opportunities to attend the U.K.’s wonderfully eclectic mix of fests and meet industry pros. Many boast networking nights (or even just the chance to mingle at the bar after screenings) to see what’s what and make new contacts. 

As with any city, the people of London most likely moved there from somewhere else, just like you. The eclectic mix of faces, languages spoken, and accents used means you’ll feel like you belong almost instantly. Don’t be shy. 

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