#IGotCast: Aida Janesky

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Photo Source: Brenna Heater

Actor Aida Janesky knows how to be mobile when it comes to acting! Janesky was cast in a spot for the new Mobile to Mortar iBeacon Platform, an application that sends notifications via Bluetooth, reminding individuals to buy certain groceries or take advantage of rewards and coupons once in the store. The experience proved entertaining for Janesky, who found herself doing a lot of reaction acting about finding a product. “It was funny because I had to find a dress that we could pull up on the app, and the director and cameraman were both shopping for dresses at one point—I bet we got some strange looks from people.”

For Janesky, Backstage is a source of inspiration and encouragement. “In this industry it’s so easy to feel like you’re not going anywhere, but it is refreshing to read that almost everyone feels like that at some point in their career.” With her eye on SAG-AFTRA membership, Janesky remains true to her daily routine of checking Backstage. “Being unrepresented, I have to find my own auditions and Backstage is essential in helping me with that. Everything I have booked in Los Angeles, I have booked through Backstage.”

Congrats, Aida!

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