#IGotCast With Backstage: Derek K. Miller

Photo Source: Lee Bader

“I would honestly be lost without [Backstage],” admits actor Derek K. Miller, who began using Backstage two years ago after moving to New York City. “It really helps you navigate your way through this business.” His recent credits certainly attest to that.

Through Backstage, Miller booked two ambitious roles. In “Emerald Eyes,” a play that puts “The Wizard of Oz” favorites Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man in a psychiatric ward, he played a doctor who tortures them physically and emotionally to achieve his objective—yikes! That production ran at the Winterfest Theater Festival. In a production of the Pulitzer Prize–winning play “Rabbit Hole,” he played the guilt-ridden father of a 4-year-old killed in a car accident.

Both roles, as dark and complex as they are, have allowed Miller to tap into the emotional well that fuels him as an actor. “I like to play characters that have an inner burn that doesn’t always appear on the surface, but when you dig into them, there is so much going on,” he explains.

Miller credits Backstage for finding him these coveted roles, saying, “I feel very safe and confident that I will get to meet great artists and show them what I have to offer.”

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