#IGotCast With Backstage: Kyle Patrick Darling

Photo Source: OG Photography

It was just over a year ago that Kyle Patrick Darling saw a Backstage casting notice for an intriguing LGBTQ web series called “Treading Yesterday.”

“Flash-forward to now, and we have the first two episodes filmed and available on Vimeo and are currently filming the rest of the series,” Darling says. “The most exciting part is that the pilot episode was an official selection [at] this year’s Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theatre. It’s a huge accomplishment and a dream come true.”

Darling was cast in the ’80s-set series as one of its key characters, Jerry Gardener—a gay activist and a “kind-hearted and very positive individual.” It marks a change of pace for Darling, who says he’s usually drawn to underdog roles and dark characters. “But then again, I also love the sidekick roles and the flamboyant, fabulous roles.”

All of these and more he’s found on Backstage. “I keep coming back to Backstage for audition notices because I have found some of my greatest work [there],” Darling says. “I’m always on the website looking through casting calls and reading the advice columns. And I always have the Backstage Call Sheet on hand.”

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