#IGotCast With Backstage: Lana Lilienstein

Photo Source: Alex Kruk

Even though she’s just 11 years old, Lana Lilienstein has quite the grown-up perspective on the acting business. “I look for what I think sound like really good stories,” she explains. “It doesn’t matter whether they’re dramas or comedies. I just like being a part of the stories.”

To find those compelling projects, Lilienstein (and her mom) relies on Backstage. “We get casting alerts when roles come out that fit my profile,” she says. “Submitting is so easy on Backstage because you get to pick the best headshot for the role and submit the video reel clips you think best fit the character.”

Lilienstein began using Backstage last summer when she became interested in acting. She quickly booked “I Feel Fine,” a short film for the 2017 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. “Working on the project was very exciting!” she recalls. “[It] showed me the real essence of films and TV and what it takes to bring a script to life onscreen.”

Lilienstein plans to continue her acting pursuits, and she knows how she’ll do it! “Backstage [has] helped me get in front of both very experienced and up-and-coming filmmakers,” she says. “Plus, I love auditioning. The more chances I get to do it, the more fun I have.”

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