#IGotCast With Backstage: Youlanda Burnett

Photo Source: Mr. Dreams Photography

Youlanda Burnett, an actor based in Joliet, Illinois, loves Skype auditions for one special reason: “You put on your best shirt and your slippers and go for it,” she jokes.

Burnett did just that—to great success—to audition for the recent play “Nerlandia.” She was cast as Hunters, “a hard-nosed detective interrogating a murder suspect who likes to keep a souvenir of his victims under his bed: their cut-off fingers.”

Burnett found the project through Backstage, which she uses nearly every day. “If it’s through Backstage, you know it is legit,” she says, speaking to the many casting notices the resource has to offer. “Plus, you have worldwide casting notices and, fortunately for me, I can hop on a plane if necessary.”

Living about 30 miles outside of Chicago, Burnett emphasizes the importance of capitalizing on all opportunities available to her, as well as seizing the chance to make her own work. “One thing that was taught to me by an acting teacher is to be versatile, because the Chicago market is not as big as the L.A. or New York markets,” she explains. “[For instance,] I learned how to do voiceovers and narration, which gives me multiple incomes.”

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Casey Mink
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