#IGotCast: Ebony Obsidian

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Photo Source: Douglas Gorenstein

Ebony Obsidian browses Backstage audition listings every day, which is how she was cast in the short film “Punkin Pie.” Obsidian is taking on the titular role of Katrina “Punkin” Richardson and says she was initially drawn to this project because of its director, Allen Jerome Redwing.

“[Redwing] was someone I’d already told myself I would work with at some point,” Obsidian says. “After reading the assigned sides with him, he asked if I had time to stick around and read a different scene. [I] looked over the sides and was shocked by the content. Certainly untapped territory for me, but I was eager to take on the challenge.”

In the film, Punkin’s stepfather is abusive toward her and her mother, which, Obsidian says, led to an intense filming process.

“The story is very dark,” she says. “That could be felt day after day on set. But the day we wrapped, it was like the fog lifted and we were all able to understand what we just created. I enjoyed every moment of my experience.”

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