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Actor Sonja O’Hara knows crazy and she isn’t afraid to go nuts! O’Hara has been cast in Web series “Artistically Challenged” as Ginger, a volatile young fangirl who kidnaps her favorite artist and forces him to paint her. According to O’Hara, “she has touches of Kathy Bates’ character from ‘Misery’ and of Harley Quinn from ‘Batman’; an amazingly fun and tough role that I loved as soon as I read the script!”

For O’Hara, playing a crazed and obsessed character is nothing out of the norm. “I’ve played a lot of damaged yet vulnerable girls with chips on their shoulders,” she says. “I’m not interested in playing generic ‘girlfriend’ parts. I want to play roles that scare me and make me grow as an artist.” In fact, O’Hara would love to see more complex and compelling roles for women similar to Matthew McConaughey’s character in “True Detective.”

O’Hara has long been a fan of Backstage and prides herself on seeking the roles she wants. “I love the way Backstage lets me be proactive on my own as an actor, and really zero in on unique independent film and theater.”

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