I’m 17, Can I Apply to Roles Whose Minimum Age Is 18?

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I’m 17; can I submit for roles whose minimum age is 18?
I’m 17 and a lot of casting calls have the age range as 18+. Does this mean you have to be at least 18 to apply for the role OR is that the age range for the role e.g. you can be 16, but as long as you can believably pass as an 18-year-old you can accept the role?

“There are so many jobs I’m missing out on because I can’t even apply to them, because the age range is 18 and over. But what’s the worst that would happen if I applied to them anyway?” —thespain3000

Scenes for reels/talent agency submission:
“I want to submit for a talent agency and I don’t have a reel. it says you can record a scene and that it doesn’t need to be professional. Does anyone know any good scenes/monologues for ages 9–12? or where to find good ones would also be good. Thanks!” —Hidadimtheatrekid

New to Backstage, need advice:
Hi, I’m new here and I’m thinking of getting a subscription to Backstage to apply for some acting gigs for TV shows, and things like Netflix. But I’m also a bit worried. Do people get hired/response backs? Is this the best platform for beginner actors to start their dream of being on TV? I know that I’d have to wait for a response. I am 20 years old. I just wanted to know, since I do want to work on my dream of being an actress and being on a good show. And I’m not just here for the fame or glamor, if that makes sense. Also, can someone give me advice on how to apply on here? Thanks!” —MarieMalie 

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