Are You Infinite?

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Bill Nye the Science Guy recently said, “We are made of the stuff of exploding stars. We are made of stardust, so then we are at least one of the ways the Universe knows itself.”

It’s indeed a way for creation to know itself but it’s also a way for us to know creation—who we are, what’s possible for us.If we’re connected to the same stuff that birthed stars, we’re part of infinite possibility.

What birthed the star and turned prokaryotic sludge into something (like us) is possibility.

But it’s hard to identify with that truth when we beat ourselves up for being who we aren’t.

Recently in class, a student described herself as “bat shit crazy.”She’s not.

You can’t be both. You can’t be infinite which is pure, positive, expansive potential, while at the same time be the limiting, destructive labels or descriptions or ego identifications we call ourselves. Those are finite.

So which do you choose to be? Finite, limited, small…or infinite?

The things we negatively tell ourselves are just habits of thought. They create neural grooves in our brain and then we reboot them repetitively, mistakenly believing they’re true. Their apparent reality masks us from who we really are. Stop identifying with the thought grooves. If you continue to say that which is untrue, it will eventually become your truth.

Sometimes, the most challenging thing in life is to step into the potential of how magnificent we really are. Knowing that my life force is infinite is a lot scarier than continuously telling myself I’m a loser. If I believe I’m a loser, my expectations of life meet me at that level and I really never step into the unknown.

It seems counterintuitive because who in their right minds would actually want to stay stuck in conditions that make us feel bad? But surprise! Human beings have a strange knack for self-sabotage and staying stuck.

It’s almost as if the pain of staying in stasis is more comfortable than the fear and danger one must face in breaking free from old patterns.

It’s at times like these you want to remember the stars and the properties we share.

Just like them, you are ancient. You’re beauty. You’re light.

So just burn brightly while you can. Dazzle, shine, and let go of the things that are keeping you from being that which you truly are.

A star.

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Anthony Meindl
Anthony Meindl is an award-winning writer-director-producer, creativity expert, inspirational speaker, and artistic director of Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop (AMAW) with studios in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, and Vancouver.
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