The Ins and Outs of Being 'On Avail'

Typically, if you’re going to be put “on avail,” it will happen within a day after your callback. This isn’t always the case, but it’s generally true. Depending on the job, the type of role, and the client, there might be anywhere from one person to three people put on avail for one role. This is not something that the casting director decides; the director and the ad agency decide which actors they want to present as options to their client. When you’re on avail, do not accept any other work or make plans for the shoot dates. If you have a prior avail or any conflicts with the shoot dates, let casting know before your callback; don’t rely on your agent to do this for you. Once you’re on avail, don’t change your physical appearance. While you need to treat avails seriously, also temper you excitement until you’ve actually booked the job. It’s not uncommon for an actor to get far more avails than bookings. As it gets closer to the shoot date, check in with your agent. If you don’t book the job, they might not always have time to call you to let you know.

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