Introducing Voiceregistry, Giving Voice Actors More Access to the Industry

Photo Source: Voicebank

A new online tool called Voiceregistry, a sister site to, promises to connect established and aspiring voice actors with the agents and casting directors who can hire them.

Voicebank already matches about 160 talent agencies and casting directors across the country with more than 8,000 ad agencies, animators, and film and TV studios. The site hosts more than 75,000 voiceover demos and facilitates thousands of auditions. But while the company has been a leader in the voiceover industry for over a decade, it has not provided services specifically for the voice artist—until now.

“Voiceregistry finally provides a place for an actor to go to really find out what this business is, how to get there, who to work with, and how to find representation, to get connected with the people who can help forward you career,” Voicebank CEO Jeff Hixon told Backstage.

The tools on the new Voiceregistry site, which began beta testing in February, include audio and video tutorials from industry pros, instructional blog posts, the ability to organize calendars, lists of contact information for voiceover agents and casting directors, and a searchable database through which the agents and CDs who are already on Voicebank can find new and unrepresented talent on Voiceregistry.

“As a voice actor, being on Voicebank is the goal,” said Ashley Russo, a voice actor who is also part of the Voiceregistry management team. “And Voiceregistry really is the bridge to Voicebank.”

Any voice actor, union or nonunion, can register with Voiceregistry, whether they have representation or not. In this way, Voiceregistry can be seen as a feeder system for agents to discover new clients who could then be included in their Voicebank accounts, for consideration to be submitted for future projects via Voicebank.

A free “silver” Voiceregistry membership gives actors the ability to create a profile page with a personalized Voicebank URL, upload résumés and demo reels, and take a la carte online classes. And for $7 per month, paid “platinum” members appear in the searchable online database and have access to Voiceregistry’s weekly “Weekend Workouts,” in which reputable agents, CDs, and professional voice actors accept members’ audio submissions and offer their critiques. Actors can thereby introduce themselves to industry insiders, get feedback, and make a meaningful impression from anywhere in the world. Hixon said the Weekend Workout program, which is open to all experience levels, is the most significant addition in Voiceregistry’s relaunch.

“If you’re represented, you’re staying in the loop, you’re reading for people, and you’re meeting new people that you want to work for or stay in contact with,” Russo said. “If you’re unrepresented, you can get an education online wherever you are and develop your skills and your confidence as an actor, and you can read for the same people as well and hopefully get representation. And because Voiceregistry is education-based, you’re not just reading, you’re learning.”

What’s next? Voiceregistry will begin accepting entries next month for the chance to win a free “power lunch” with a casting director, an agent, and a famous voice talent, Hixon and Russo revealed to Backstage exclusively. The prize package will also include a separate meeting with a top talent agent to be considered for representation, Russo said.

Any voice actor with a Voiceregistry membership, free or paid, will be eligible to enter. Details about the power lunch will be posted on Voicebank’s Facebook page the first week of October and a winner will be announced in early November. The winner will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations to attend the lunch, which will be held in Los Angeles. Hixon said that the company is already planning similar in-person opportunities in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Texas.

“Having been an actor myself years ago, I know how difficult it is to connect with the people that can forward your career,” Hixon said. “We feel that Voiceregistry provides a genuine opportunity for people to learn about this industry, to connect with people that can help them, and to possibly develop a career.”