July 2022 Horoscopes for Actors

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Welcome to July, a month that invites and challenges us to connect with ourselves in a bold, vulnerable way. How we choose to take action will slow down in comparison to last month, and we may find ourselves being stubborn along the way. However, all of this will help shape and shift ourselves even closer to our dreams. July allows us to tap into our intuitive sides and think on a more practical level before taking action. 

On July 13, we have a full moon in Capricorn, a wonderful time to take stock of our long-term goals. This full moon lets us release what is standing in our way. It gives us the power to look at what we want from a new perspective.

A Leo new moon takes place on July 28, allowing us to boldly set new intentions for what we want to see in our lives. During this new moon, we can tap into our hearts to shine a spotlight on what we desire. 

July 28 will also see Jupiter in station retrograde. That journey will last until October, starting in Aries and ending back in Pisces. This offers a chance to look at all the ways we have expanded over the last few months. We can slow down and reflect, then recalculate where we need to make adjustments to our belief systems. 

July 22 is when we can embrace the boldness of Leo season. Through the watery tides of Cancer season, we were able to nourish our sense of comfort. Leo season, however, is here to tell us to take what we’ve absorbed and welcome fire into our hearts again. It’s an invitation to use our backbones and lead with our hearts.



Aries sign spotYou might feel like you have to slow down this month, Aries. You want to make big changes—but sometimes, before you can make those changes, you must consider the bigger picture. Evaluate your values, beliefs, and what makes you feel at home within yourself. Explore new possibilities, and see how they can be helpful for the future you’re planning. There’s no need to rush ahead. Take your time.


Taurus sign spotThere’s been a lot going on for you recently, Taurus. You experienced changes—possibly endings and even new beginnings. Change isn’t your favorite thing in the world, but this month invites you to take action at your own pace and on your own terms. Tie up loose ends that aren’t serving you anymore, and go as quickly or as slowly as you feel comfortable. You may even need to reevaluate things that are a part of your day-to-day routine.


Gemini sign spotYour mind is moving at the speed of light this month, Gemini. You’ve had a lot to process lately—and now you’re ready to put your new ideas into play, whether that’s at home, in your relationships, or even in your daily life. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Focus on what brings you stability. You might even need to embody new boundaries. Communication is key.


Cancer sign spotYou’ve been working hard at your career, Cancer. You’re getting the recognition you deserve, and now it’s time to lead with confidence. The connections you make this month will bring you closer to your hopes and dreams. Self-assuredness is key for you—especially with regard to knowing exactly who you are and where you want to be. Even if you find yourself feeling sensitive, own it and hold space for that part of yourself. It can take you further than you think.


Leo sign spotThere’s some clashing energy happening for you this month, Leo. You’re feeling called to rest while also wanting to take action toward your career. In order to really put yourself out there, it’s important to honor your personal needs and take a break when necessary. Accomplishments and rest go hand in hand. Examine your daily habits and make the necessary adjustments so you can shine in the way you deserve.


VirgoYou’ve accomplished a great amount in your career these past few months, Virgo. Now it’s time to take that success a step further through the art of networking. The connections you make this month can take you to higher levels. Share your ideas and thoughts with others while also listening and gaining new perspectives. The power of community will help bring your hopes into fruition in a way you never imagined. Trust your gut.


Libra sign spotYour public image and reputation are highlighted this month, Libra. Now is the time to get recognized on a new level. You have a new sense of faith in yourself. Allow yourself to shine. Communicate what you want and see how far that can take you. You’re charming by nature—so use that to your advantage. There are many opportunities ahead, but owning them starts with showing exactly why you deserve them. Have faith in yourself and make connections that matter.


Scorpio sign spotYou might need to course-correct when it comes to those you’ve partnered with, Scorpio. It can be exhausting to focus on your own wants and needs at the same time as other people’s desires. This could create conflicts along the way. But if you are willing to grow and have faith in yourself, it will actually help. If conflicts do arise, they can be constructive to the path you’re envisioning. You just have to trust yourself.


Sagittarius sign spotYou’ve been able to enjoy life’s pleasures in ways that’ve set your heart on fire lately, Sagittarius. But this month, reflect on what it all truly means to you. It doesn’t mean the fun will stop, just that you’re overdue for some reevaluation. Maybe there were some events that weren’t as enjoyable as you expected. Maybe you put time and energy into projects that didn’t make you as happy as you thought they would. Allow yourself to grow from these experiences. It’s a part of the process.


Capricorn sign spotYou have plans for the future and you’ve been working quite hard to make them happen, Capricorn. It’s OK to feel frustrated with how long it takes to get the ball rolling. This month is a great time to make long-term goals based on the collaborations you’ve built. This could lead to further insight toward the blueprint you’ve sketched out for yourself. Seeing how far you have come, even on a personal level, can get you in the right headspace to make announcements you’ve been sitting on.


Aquarius sign spotThere’s a call to get creative this month, Aquarius. Get more in tune with your needs in a way you have been avoiding. This is a personal project that can bring much-needed insight and enjoyment in the end. Reflect on the things that matter the most to you. How have they shifted what makes you feel secure? Get more acquainted with yourself.


Pisces sign spotPay attention to what lights a spark inside your imagination this month, Pisces. You often put other people’s needs before your own, but you need to focus on yourself just as much. Think about all the things you desire, and imagine how life will be when you can finally hold those things in reality. Pay attention to that world you’re envisioning. If you make the required changes, it can bring you joy in a sustainable and emotional way.

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