June has always been my favorite month of the

June has always been my favorite month of the year, not only because it contains my day of birth. The first week of June was quite blissful and productive. The time had come when it was time to move on and leave my agent. Factors such as not being available, lack of communication, and not sending me out weighed in my decision in ending this stagnant relationship. After doing a mailing to agents, I received a call from a couple of them who were interested. I met with two of them and was asked to do a cold read of a dramatic monologue. From the start, this was good news for me because I especially love drama pieces and was extremely confident that I would do well.

Cut to the head agent at Coralie Jr. offering me a one-year contract for theatrical and commercial representation. After weighing my options, I accepted the offer and embraced the transition. It's been about a year since I took an unofficial hiatus from the whole commercial world, so I look forward to getting back in front of commercial casting directors and booking nationals.

I finally got a chance to see my film Set Apart on the big screen. Fox Studios had a screening of the feature June 5. My personal stylist, N'Kosa Zanaa, and brother showed support by attending the screening with me. It's an interesting and compelling story, and I anticipate its release.

Another year in the books was marked, as my birthday was June 22. A friend of mine took me to Universal Studios theme park for the first time, and it was fun. I was able to really kick back and relax outside of the daily hustle and grind of the business. By the way, the new Simpsons ride is well worth the hour and a half wait in the hot sun. June is also a month of reflection—a time to assess the progress made and the goals yet to be achieved. I'm planning my next photo shoot and am still hunting down production companies in an effort to get copies of my work to assemble my reel. I'm also on the nonstop mission of securing that next gig.