Keeping Your Hot Electronics Cool

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Whether you call it a cold snap, a polar vortex or the lion of winter, the chilly winter air probably has you longing for warmer weather right about now. But hot temperatures won't do your electronics any favors. If you find yourself hitting the beach or jetting off to the tropics this winter for work or pleasure, there are a few things you have to keep in mind when it comes to your gear.

Check your phone.
Most smartphones these days have an internal temperature monitor and will either warn you or shut down when it gets too hot. If you have to work in hot conditions, make sure you take steps to protect your gadget—chances are you'll need it when you're on the job. Keep it out of direct sunlight or away from a heat source, and check the temperature regularly if you are worried about the heat. Shut it off if necessary.

Bring a towel.
No, this one's not for swimming. If you find yourself on location on a hot, hot day, whether you're in front of or behind the camera, you'll want to keep a white towel on hand to cover your electronic gadgets when it's not in use. The towel will absorb any condensation that develops, and the white will deflect excess heat.

Cool to the core.
The sun may be beating down on your camera equipment, but it's the internal heat that can push it over the limits of what electronics can handle. Reduce the chance of overheating when it's hot out by turning off the “live” viewfinder LCD screen (use the good old fashioned manual viewfinder), and plug all equipment in if possible—using battery packs ups the internal temperature significantly.

Chill out.
Take a break now and then and bring your gadgets inside or into a cooler area. Give them a little time to rest and cool down. If you're taking an extended break, store any camera equipment with some silica gel packs to reduce the chance that any condensation from humidity will have caused damage.