Your Key to Creating Independent Television

Photo Source: Chad Griffith

Mobcaster, an online crowdfunding and broadcast platform exclusively for original full-length television content, has raised more than $100K to fund new TV projects since it launched in 2011. Co-founder Aubrey Levy calls it an “incubator” for independent television.

What inspired Mobcaster?
What we were thinking initially wasn’t “Let’s build a crowdfunding platform.” It was “Why is there no independent television?” And it started from there. Mobcaster came to be out of a problem that we saw in effective and efficient ways of developing television. Crowdfunding is the means to the end to help create TV.

How does it work?
All of our content creators have to market themselves and have to engage with their audience to run a crowdfunding campaign. They’re the creative team and no one knows their vision better than they do, but you shouldn’t have to guess what your audience wants and likes in your show. We don’t know any better than our consumer does. Only if there’s demand are you creating the show.

Why would creators come to Mobcaster instead of pitching to networks?
The success rate in traditional television development is very low. Networks will produce 100 pilots, and maybe five will become hits. A show on Mobcaster doesn’t necessarily have to get 5 million eyeballs the day it premieres like it does on network television. But that’s where the big advertising dollars still are today, and that is a built-in potential end result of our process. And our content creators own their rights entirely.