Kid Actor Tristan Daniel Hall Is Breaking Into the Business With Backstage

Photo Source: Prima Facie Model Photography

Tristan Daniel Hall is just 10 years old, but he already has major acting chops. He and his mother, Karma Hall, explain how Backstage is helping him achieve his goals.

He booked a hefty role—but he could handle it.
“The character of Marcus [in ‘Stillborn’] is complex. In playing the role, it involved playing two different characters, one of an innocent child and one of a murderous spirit, each of whom inhabit the same boy.”

‘Stillborn’ has led to more opportunities.
“Following ‘Stillborn,’ I was invited to audition for other roles from people who had worked on it and had seen me act. I have done two other film projects since then, just by meeting people on the ‘Stillborn’ set—which came through a Backstage opportunity.”

Backstage has gigs that reps might not.
“Sometimes, the most challenging roles, like the one of Marcus, come through Backstage. There are many opportunities for roles that a typical agent or manager might not be interested in submitting for but that an actor might want for the challenge and experience. And, of course, the posts for large projects are of interest as well!”

The ‘Stillborn’ audition was exhilarating.
“The audition process was smooth. Sides were read in front of the director, producers, and others. The scene they choose for the audition [was] where the character of Marcus, inhabited by Jack, kills his mother, so it was necessary to become both emotional and frightening in front of a green screen.”

This young actor is putting himself out there.
“I like characters that are a challenge; the deeper the better. I am interested in film, television, and musical theater. Every audition is a learning experience. Even when you don’t get cast, you get something valuable out of it. And when you are getting ready to audition, be prepared!”

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