Kids Now Casting ‘A Son’ and Other Projects

Photo Source: Shutterstock

This short film from Random Bench Productions is seeking two child actors to play Alex, a tall and lanky 13- to 16-year-old who is “yearning for excitement and eager to earn his father’s respect,” and his younger sister Lauren, who’s described in the casting notice as mischievous and playful—“the spark of joy of this family.”

“A Son” follows Alex as he joins his father on a civilian-led patrol of the U.S./Mexican border by his Arizona home. Coordinators Fiona Godivier, Adrian Salpeter, Elizabeth Levine, Rebecca Dayan, and Mark Booker are also casting a supporting role—a male aged 15–20 to play an illegal immigrant—and extras aged 15–60.

The film is scheduled to shoot for three days between May 20 and May 26 in the Los Angeles area. Talent will be payed $100 per day plus meals and gas. Coordinators are requesting talent from the L.A. area.

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