L.A. Athletes Can Earn $1,800 to Be a Body Double on a Photo Shoot

Photo Source: Unsplash courtesy Braden Collum

A photo shoot in Los Angeles is casting athletes to model as body doubles. The lucrative contract is open to male athletes with a tall and lean build. The shoot is particularly looking for people of color as well as NCAA athletes.

Models should be aged 22–30, 5’10”–6’10”, and 185–210 pounds. The production is looking for diverse athletes: African American, African, Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, and many others from a mixture of ethnicities and backgrounds. Applicants should include photos of their full body wearing shorts and a tank top. They should also include video footage of themselves playing their primary sport.

Compensation is $1,800 for each day of the contract. Fitting takes place on June 29, with pre-light on July 1, and the full shoot on July 2 in Los Angeles.

To see the original casting notice and to apply, click here.

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