LA Lights Fire

With elements of humor and crude carnality, Joe Calarco portrays 12 men, as a fire rages in the Hollywood Hills. Inspired by recent L.A. conflagrations, Eric Czuleger has written a tightly structured series of monologues, giving Calarco the opportunity to become such characters as a firefighter, an aging skater-dude, an agent, an actor, and an evangelistic preacher, to name a few.

Directed by Czuleger, Calarco delivers emotional heft to the characterizations and makes the philosophical underpinnings of the story plausible. Though the production could use editing, aided by Calarco's inventive sound effects, it is memorable.

Presented by Coeurage Theatre Company at ComedySportz LA, 733 N. Seward St., Hollywood. Fri., June 18, 3 p.m.; Sun., June 20, 5 p.m. (866) 811-4111.