Don't Let Doubt Derail an Audition

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You start off the day feeling good. You’re excited about an audition you have in a few hours. You feel great about your preparation and are ready to nail it!

When you arrive at the casting director’s office, the reception is full of familiar faces. You’ve been on auditions with these actors before, and they all seem so certain and confident. They’re talking about the roles they’ve booked and how well things are going. You think to yourself that they’re out of your league. The longer you sit there, the more your confidence drains. One is reading now, and you can hear them laughing and asking him about his availability. Clearly these guys know what they’re doing, and you don’t. Your name is called, and you go in to read. Everyone is polite at the end of the reading, and they thank you for coming in. You drive home knowing you didn’t deliver in the room. What 

Doubt entered the equation, that’s what happened. As soon as you doubt yourself, you’re sunk. This is a game of confidence and skill, so you have to know your craft inside and out and not retreat when the competition appears to know more. Trust your instincts and your choices, and don’t give in to doubt, which will only block your talent. At the end of the day, it’s your confidence and your talent that open the door to winning the part.

Lynette McNeill is the owner of Lynette McNeill Studio. Former students include Adam Sandler, Jason Lee, Ellen DeGeneres, and Giovanni Ribisi.


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