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SAG's Stalwart Strikers

I would like to offer a few facts regarding last week's article, "Tip Leaders Hit Scarola, Who Responds," in which her following quote appeared-"I'm focused on the strike May 1 and that only," she said. "Everyone else should be. Why aren't these two?' Meaning Reggio and Christie."

I am the SAG Chair of the Joint SAG/AFTRA Commercials Contract Strike Task Force, and I can unequivocally state that Paul Reggio and Paul Christie have been stalwart in the planning and execution of the commercials strike, working on a daily basis for the past several weeks.

Others, with apologies to those I've left out, have put in equally long hours, they include-Rob Keefe, Alex Rhodie, Doug Lory, Chip Bolcek, Ron Wall, Ann Carney, Roger Parsons, Eileen Henry, Wendel Craig, Ed Fry, and Robert Lydiard.

Gerald M. Kline

New York, N.Y.