Anti-TSI Alum

Dear Editor:

I felt the need to respond to this article ["A.D.'s Action Brings Question: When to Shut Down The House?", Feb. 13] if for no other reason than to add my voice to the other responses I am sure it will draw.

My first NY directing experience was at TSI and resulted in a canceled project in a situation similar to the one mentioned in the article.

Thank you for helping inform the artistic community of the unsupportive environment present at TSI. Hopefully, it will help someone else recognize a bad situation before it is too late.

I went directly from my TSI experience into directing a one-act at Expanded Arts as part of their "94 Plays in 94 Days" series. They too are "understaffed" like TSI but the commitment and trust of the producers Jennifer and Robert Spahr have encouraged me to grow not only as an artist but also to realize the necessity for marketing and self-promotion which are so often overlooked by young struggling artists. My first shows with Expanded Arts were sporadically attended. My last however, had sell-out houses each weekend.

My next project is at ATA with James Jennings (who I was glad to see interviewed in this same article) and I can't wait to get started and continue growing as an artist and developing my career as a director in NY.

Bart Lovins

New York,