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I'd like to congratulate you for publishing the July 9 center section, "Does Life Begin When You Make It?" So much of what we read and talk about with one another as artists is the business of acting, directing, writing, et al. How to get an agent, picture, makeover, publicity, cheap clothes, etc. have all been topics for in-depth review within the pages of Back Stage. What we rarely discuss is how to nourish our spirits. And, as artists' that is often the most important component of our work, the place from which our work is born.

I found Ms. Lubin's article chock full of food for our spirits. I even went so far as to do the exercises she outlined and discovered I ain't so bad after all. The business of acting, theatre, film, TV, whatever, can heap rejection upon rejection. And it sometimes becomes difficult, no matter how "together" we think we are, to separate ourselves, our spirits from this bombardment. We may start to believe to whatever degree that we're not good enough, worthy enough, just plain enough of enough. So I am very grateful for some light to be shone in this place that can feel dark and small.

And thanks to Shellen Lubin for sharing this insight with us.

Andria Laurie

New York City