LETTERS: Producers' "Patience' Pooh-poohed

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Producers' "Patience' Pooh-poohed

Last week at a SAG screening, I heard from a SAG representative that the commercial industry, which we are now striking, stated that they have more money than the actors and will simply wait us out. These are the same types who years ago, when I wrote material for Burger King, were forever telling the client how important each little detail of their campaign was, and how everything had to be moved along on schedule or their client's business would suffer. Perhaps most striking of all considering the commercial industry's stand was their self-promoting argument that they were able to provide the best talent for their commercials, inferring that one of the keys to the ad industry's contribution was their knowledge of where to find these great actors. What are they telling clients now? That is doesn't matter who the actors are?

As far as waiting us out, we actors have a long history of being able to fend for ourselves when out of work. How many people enjoy a career without down times in which we take a survival job. Not many. As far as the financial condition of the Guild itself, I'm sure we could survive pretty well for a long time with just a skeleton crew to do negotiations. If this is important enough for the actors to be out of work, perhaps it's important enough for non-essential administrators to be out of work as well. It may even help us identify what our non-essential administrative jobs are. In any case, I find the ad industry's threat to "wait us out" an empty one.

Steve Luker

Long Island City