London Casting: Student film ‘They Never Lie’ Is Seeking Female Talent for Lead and Supporting Roles

Photo Source: Unsplash courtesy Alexa Mazzarello

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“They Never Lie”

The prestigious Met Film School is casting one of their short student films and is looking for a raft of female actors. “They Never Lie” follows a newly-engaged woman as her life gets turned upside down by a travelling palm reader.

The roles require several specifics, which are below.

Emma, a lead role for a female actor, aged 23–27, is disciplined and ambitious but won over by her friends. Fiona, the other lead, for a female actor, aged 50–60, is the palm reader. She’s nurturing, honest, and caring. When she experiences her first vision, she’s uncertain of its meaning.

The supporting role of Victoria is for female talent, aged 24–27. She is Emma’s best friend, flatmate, and someone who only wants the best for other people. Lucie, another supporting role for female talent, aged 20–24, is happy-go-lucky and more interested in having a laugh. Finally, Emma’s mother Angela, for a woman, aged 50–60, is well-to-do, amiable, and courteous.

Auditions are ongoing with callbacks on March 5. The film rehearses on March 7 and shoots March 21–22 at the school in Norbury, London. Each role pays £75 per day, plus travel and on-set catering.

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