Lumoback Posture Corrector Can Make You Appear More Confident

What It Is:
The Lumoback
What It Does:
Senses when you're slouching and buzzes you to correct your posture
Where to Buy It:
What It Costs:

Few things are more important than confidence when it comes to tackling an audition, which is why posture matters. If you’re having trouble mustering the strength to sit up straight, the $149.95 Lumoback is designed to help you cease your slouching.

The Lumoback looks almost exactly like a seatbelt—it consists of an elastic-like stretchy band with a buckle in the middle. The belt works whether it’s worn underneath or over your clothing. Lumoback administers a gentle zap whenever you begin to slump, serving as a friendly reminder to adjust your posture.

This can be done in two ways through Pulse and Buzz modes. The former issues a slight vibration until you move into a healthier position, while the latter just buzzes you just once to let you know your posture needs to be fixed.

The device works in conjunction with an app that lets you track your progress and see real-time feedback. Not only does the app show you how often you slouch vs. how often you sit up straight, but it also offers more robust health data. For instance, you can check how long you sit compared against how often you stand each day and even monitor your body’s position as you sleep. The calorie conscious can also see how many steps they take and how much they’re burning off each day.

The app is currently available for iOS, but Lumoback says that an Android version is in the works.

In addition to serving as a confidence booster, great posture is essential when it comes to your performance. It’s often used as a tool for actors to convey different moods and emotions, and plays a crucial role in the way dancers execute routines. Straighter spine positioning can ease your muscles and reduce tension, allowing you to use them to their full capabilities. Physiotherapist Jane Johnson outlines some key ways to analyze postural issues and what they can mean for performers in her book, “Postural Assessment,” which hit store shelves in March 2012.

The Lumoback may not seem like the quintessential actor’s tool, but is definitely worth checking out if you’re serious about your body language. At the very least, improved posture is sure to make you appear more bold and convincing on stage or the next time you walk into the audition room.

Lisa Eadicicco is a staff writer at LAPTOP Magazine, where she covers all things mobile. Follow her on Twitter @LisaEadicicco