March 2022 Horoscopes for Actors

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March holds a lot of ambitious energy that begs us to focus on our futures. We have the ability right now to use our imaginations but also be realistic about what we crave. There’s an urge to tackle tasks that will present opportunities for moving forward in our lives. This energy gives us the space we need to come up with solutions to our problems while also keeping other people’s interests in mind. 

We start with a powerful Pisces new moon on March 2. This lunation is dreamy and beautiful, encouraging us to make positive changes in our lives. As imaginative as this new moon is, it also brings smaller details into focus. Trust your intuition, and let your dreams guide you. 

On March 18, a full moon in Virgo helps us release the hangups that have been keeping us from broadening our horizons. This is the perfect time to make changes in our lives that enable us to go after the opportunities we deserve. It could bring up intense emotions and make us eager to problem-solve. By letting go of mental blocks holding us back from seeing the bigger picture, we can find new solutions. 

Pisces season gives us the chance to feel through our experiences and take something heartfelt from them. Aries season starts on March 20, which will bring us the self-awareness we need to grab our goals by the reins and steer ourselves in a better direction.


This month is a marvelous time to be passionate about connecting with other people, Aries. Both new and old acquaintances can help you tie up loose ends on important tasks. This is a great time to focus your energy toward gaining the approval you know you deserve. Standing out when you interact with your peers is crucial, but don’t be too driven by ego. Instead, be mindful about filtering your thoughts when expressing yourself.


This is an excellent time to seek new experiences and allow yourself to think outside the box, Taurus. Connect with people who can help you change the way others see you; let these connections inspire you to lean into your imagination in an idealistic way. The decisions you make this month will guide you toward new discoveries about yourself. The more you understand your own image, the more you can stand out.


Get excited about challenges that might lead you to epiphanies, Gemini. The obstacles you face in your career will start to feel exciting instead of threatening. Cultivate a soft spot for other people’s viewpoints, as they can help broaden your own mindset. Being open-minded will deepen your understanding of avenues you’re curious about. Sharing things with others is key to your success. Allow yourself to learn from everything and everyone—you won’t regret it.


This month is extremely powerful in terms of personal growth, Cancer. All the projects you have been navigating lately will take on a whole new form. You’re starting to feel more optimistic about the possibilities life holds. You may have some realistic work to do in your day-to-day life, and as much as you’re taking that work seriously, it’s equally important to allow yourself to daydream. Ambition is practical, but your imagination plays a huge part. Believe in yourself!


It’s time to get to know yourself and others on a more intimate level, Leo. You’re someone who is usually quite sure what you want and leads with your heart. You have an optimistic outlook right now and an acute awareness that can work in your favor as long as you’re staying realistic along the way. It will be important to dig deep within yourself and decide what you’re actually willing to share with the world, as well as what you’re willing to let go. 


Your one-on-one partnerships are vital this month, Virgo. You might need to have some serious conversations with those you are closest to; but don’t devalue yourself while doing so. Your awareness is at an all-time high, and you’re able to focus on details in a creative way; this new outlook can help you solve a puzzle that didn’t make sense to you before. 


You’re feeling a passionate desire to bond with others in a whole new way this month, Libra. This is a great time to seek out stimulating relationships that can help take you to the next level. You shouldn’t be afraid to step into the limelight. Boldness can bring the approval you have been seeking for quite some time. Just be mindful of any jealous feelings that arise along the way. Allow yourself to feel loved and worthy; put yourself out there in order to get the attention you crave.


There is powerful potential for you to accomplish a lot in your everyday life, Scorpio. You’re naturally a driven person, and your ambition is highly stimulated this month. Use the strong desire that fuels you to create meaningful changes in your life. If you’ve been having trouble finding solutions to certain issues, make room for improvement in those specific areas. Use your energy to cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself, the people who surround you, and your creative endeavors.


Your desire to experience life to the fullest is off the charts this month, Sagittarius. Take a good look at your environment, and see how you can expand your sense of comfort. You might end up changing things in your home, feeling more optimistic about who you are, or rethinking what makes you feel secure. Lean into it—just be careful not to miss important details. Talking to people who feel like family in any sense can help you grow in ways you’ve been striving for.


This is an excellent month to lean into the habits that keep you aligned with your ambitions, Capricorn. Use your energy wisely, and you can accomplish a lot—you’ll be surprised to see major improvements in your life that you thought weren’t possible before. Just remember to stay mindful of your limitations.


There’s a lot of power in being exactly who you are, Aquarius. Evaluate what you truly believe in. Consider your innate ability to make new discoveries, think outside the box, and open yourself up to experiences that stimulate your authentic self. By enhancing your connection to your inner wants and desires, you will also strengthen your relationships with others.


Happy birthday, Pisces! Your imagination is stimulated more than usual this month, giving you a strong desire to broaden your horizons. This would be a fantastic time to put your feet on the ground or in the water; listen to your body and how it responds to your experiences. It’s time to make the kind of changes that lead to new opportunities. Connecting with yourself and others will help turn your dreams into reality.

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