The Marijuana-Logues

"The Marijuana-Logues" literally offers audiences a smokin' night out at the theatre. The show is all about just what you would suspect it's all about -- weed, hemp, grass, or, among its more colorful nicknames, "Dr. Phil My Pipe." It may not appeal to all tastes, but for those who are open-minded or looking for some irreverent fun, this late-night entry is definitely a cult "hit."

Written and performed by Arj Barker, Doug Benson, and Tony Camin, the intermissionless play blends stories, poems, jokes, and anecdotes on a not-so-familiar theme -- the unadulterated pleasures of pot. Of course, there is a disclaimer about the production "not glorifying drug use," but if you are an NPS (non-pot smoker), you may be inclined to wonder just what you're missing by not waking and baking.

Jim Millan maintains a loose and lively atmosphere throughout with his deft direction. The staging is little more than three actors sitting in a row and alternately telling tales about their experiences with you know what, but the improvised feel of the interactions is definitely infectious. Despite putting each other down with good-natured insults, the performers actually complement each other extremely well. Camin is the most natural of the cast members, Barker has some very inventive material, and Benson plays the nice guy who just happens to get stoned a lot. They each excel during their solo moments in the spotlight, but it's the ad-libs that really get the big laughs.

Scenic and lighting design by Gregory Allen Hirsch feature plenty of leafy designs and psychedelic colors (the "Fun Facts" lights are particularly diverting). Michael G. Ward lets the trio deliver their miked monologues loud and clear.

"The Marijuana-Logues" certainly covers its subject thoroughly, so much so that one possible side effect could be viewers leaving the theatre with the "munchies."