May 2019 Horoscopes for Actors

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The month starts with a sense of urgency to cement new foundations, thanks to electric Uranus flying close to the Sun, Mars in whip-smart Gemini, and Venus and Mercury in rapid-fire Aries. The preponderance of Pisces energy last month set loose a torrent of memories and patterns both sweet and bitter that sent some of us into a tailspin trying to sort out what was better left to wash out into the forgiving ocean and what we actually want to hold onto. The Aries Sun certainly got us into our “spark of joy” mentality, but there were tradeoffs to be made for living in brave new worlds. Hoorays punctuated by goodbye, old comfort zone! Now that the Sun’s in earthy persevering Taurus, the collective is beginning to rebuild piece by piece with Venus and Mercury blazing in me-first Aries who wants to hurry things along perhaps faster than is possible.

Just when we thought the relentless, maturational pull of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn couldn’t slow their roll anymore, both Pluto and Saturn went retrograde to make sure we have plenty of time to really absorb their lesson (read for your Sun and Rising to see what house these themes are affecting). On a macro level, this is about the abuse of power and where the rule of law is out of integrity with moral principle. On a micro level, it’s about the same thing although it’s sometimes harder to see where we are out of integrity with ourselves. The high possibility of this transit is taking accountability for ourselves, showing up for our responsibilities and taking a hard, pragmatic eye to what we need to amend in our own lives in order to be in alignment with tenets of truth, authenticity, and moral leadership.

We’re all trying to get in touch with our inner Gandalf, but sometimes we have to face the consequences of being run by remnants of our immaturity, conscious or not. Conversely, if you’ve been true to your inner mountain top of truth and discipline, the world can also rain down tangible triumphs that remind you that rightful actions in the unseen have their moments in the Sun. It’s a time when the work can really pay off!

It’s a chatty month of intense feelings and shaking out our wings, although our lips may move a lot faster than the Sisyphean boulder that we’re all being challenged to show up for again and again. Like Joseph Campbell says: “The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.” Maybe so. If we can’t change the world, we can certainly do the best with ourselves, sending a ripple that connects us with other ripples that will hopefully lead to the sea change it appears we need.

Read for your Sun and Rising to get the full skinny!


Taurus (April 21–May 20)

Your star is shining this month as you liberate yourself from old routines and embrace the change-making Uranian energy that has you in its electric, connect-with-greater-world possibilities. People are experiencing you differently and yes, while part of it could be superficial changes like the haircut or British accent you’ve adopted, it’s more likely because you’ve left any self-defeating stodginess behind. Bubbles of excitement pop beneath you and an inability to rely on old defenses make you much more likely to find other ways to feel secure, like trusting your feelings. You might still be in the excavation phase so be thankful if the world is helping you along by taking things from you that are tiresome old bothers–person, place, or thing.

A New Moon in your sign on May 4 has a surreal feeling that allows you to attune to your deepest longings so take advantage by stealing a little time to yourself and your zesty imaginings. Money from unexpected places could come in suddenly, which could include old debts being paid, as intrepidly curious Mars in your 2nd House of Money could bring in a lucrative lead or free up resources that you’ve had in the offing and are now equipped with the mindset to receive.

It’s worth mentioning that lucky Jupiter’s presence in your 8th House of Transformation and other people’s money is there for the rest of the year. While this transit is good for intimate sexy time, it’s also a call to play with investing and take some (measured) risks with your resources. The same old same old will not get you there and you’re ready to get to your chosen there. Your answers come through not only your intuition but connecting with others very different from yourself and doing the thing those familiar with you thought you’d never do. Give them something to talk about.

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Gemini (May 21–June 20)

It’s your mysterious 12th House of Spiritual Epiphanies that are being lit up by the center-stage Sun and erratic Uranus in Taurus. Venus joins on May 15, adding love to this cleansing swirl. This can be an uncomfortable position for these high flyers only because Gemini tends to rely so much on logic and the 12th House transits are all about surrendering to what we can’t control and attuning our ear to the shifts in consciousness necessary for the next growth period.

If it weren’t for that caffeinated Mars-in-Gemini until May 15, I’d say it could feel a bit sleepy until your birthday time. Mars is whipping you forward even if you feel a little in the dark. With the action planet’s cross-sky connection to expansive Jupiter, you’re at the center of hatching ideas and organizing big plans.

After May 20, Mars will have moved into Cancer, and the Sun and Mercury into Gemini, refreshing your spirit in the 1st House of Self-Expression and Initiation. Until then, take rest between the craziness. Let the systems you’ve implemented take care of at least some of the grind. You’ll be all the more ready for the spotlight. Your natural quick-witted, buzzy energy is ready to make a mark in the last half of the month. You’ll have to wait until June 3rd for the game-changing New Moon in your sign!

Cancer (June 20– July 22)

Cancer loves the cozy, take-your-time energy of Taurus, which is highlighted the first half of the month as the Sun and Uranus move through this compatible sign and light up your 11th House. Yes, Uranus could be a bit of a live wire in your House of Community but most likely ushering in an exciting new tribe of craftsmen that help you chisel out your chosen destiny or just some chill new friends. Magnetic Venus only adds to your popularity when she enters the 11th House on May 15, putting you on par with appealing connections that help you expand your reach and maybe with a dollop of philanthropy to boot.

When feisty Mars enters Cancer the same day, you’ll actually have the energy to follow through more consistently with these new connections. Assertive Mars has been in the topsy turvy 12th House which can sometimes hinder our mobility or plans! The second half of the month, Mars will turn up the volume quite literally on your voice so you’re walking a bit more confidently as this robust energy fires up your House of Self-Expression. You might think of planning a fun event to bring your disparate circles of friends together. A good date would be around the Full Moon of Scorpio on May 18 which brings a consuming intensity and flair to your 5th House of Recreation and Love Affairs.

Leo (July 23– Aug. 22)

You’ve been enjoying the zippy combination of cosmic energy in fire and air elements with Venus and Mercury in Aries, especially that whippersnapper Mars in Gemini in your 11th House of Friends and Networking. With a veritable storm of invites for fun and showmanship, it’s no wonder it’s been nonstop action. As the Sun and Uranus have been lighting up your 10th House of Career, don’t be surprised if unexpected opportunities to show a different side of your creativity have been landing in your email inbox, even if they’re not the ones you want! You may be getting a little antsy in your career and while shock-and-awe Uranus will be affecting this part of your chart for years to come, the Sun will only be here until May 21 encouraging you to shine as the “expert” or marquee player in an interesting, and perhaps fresh endeavor.

With the guiding North Node in Cancer and your 12th House of the Collective Unconscious, you may be learning how things can come in effortlessly if you focus your powerful heart in the right direction. While Leos can have tender egos, you’re stepping into the part of yourself that’s big enough to let things go and take yourself a little less seriously. At the end of the day, we want to see you play, not gripping the steering wheel in an effort to impress. Mars will join this mysterious house on May 16 putting an exclamation point on the necessity to slow down and let things in. Big changes can still happen overnight but it’s more likely due to the fact that you were less attached to the outcome and more earnest in showing up fully no matter what form the opportunity took. Make some career intentions on the New Moon in Taurus on May 4 and think about a brilliant night at home on the Scorpio Full Moon May 18.

Virgo (Aug. 23– Sept. 21)

Changes may be flowing in easy breezy as bolt-from-the-blue Uranus and the Sun light up your 9th House of Adventure. You’re hungry to explore the world, and with this cosmic combo in earthy, security-oriented Taurus, traveling and making money would be ideal. You’ll definitely want your passport ready, and could even be considering returning to school to study something you never saw coming. The New Moon on May 4 is a great time to plan a summer vacation and get in touch with your wanderlust.

Passions have been running hot with Venus and Mercury in Aries and your 8th House of Sex, urging even the most refined Virgos to get into a little bit of trouble. Whether you’re going toward or away from a relationship, it seems someone is holding your feet to the fire and wants to know your level of commitment. Having honest conversations could define at least the first part of the month, as there’s a lot of subtext with the messenger planet in this intense area of the chart. Be honest, Virgo. Even if it’s not neat and orderly. You could even be caught in an uncharacteristic bout of saying exactly what you feel and then having to apologize for being so blunt. The second half of the month mellows out and you’ll want to carve some time out to smell the roses and dig your feet into the dirt.

Libra (Sept. 22–Oct. 22)

Relationships have been on fire and the first few days of May are replete with communicative zest and flirtatious zeal as Venus, Mercury, and the Moon grace your 7th House of One-On-One Relationships. Someone could be giving you a lot of attention, maybe even a little too much, as you’re emanating a sort of come-seduce-me vibe. There continue to be big decisions to make in the home space, as your 4th House of Roots, Home, and Family is under the intense microscope of Pluto and Saturn. Whether that translates as home projects or just a lot of responsibility concerning parents, children, or said projects, it will take your utmost discretion to decide what you want to keep and what responsibilities are just too much to keep your life in balance (everything to a Libra!)

It’s as if you’re repotting yourself, so be patient as your roots are able to go deeper into the bigger space you’re inhabiting. It seems where your energy is really needed is in your 10th House of Public Persona and Career as the North Node hints that your career is where your heart is. Forcing yourself out of introversion and into the limelight of being seen and heard in your particular area of expertise is on the agenda, not just this month but this year.

Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

Pluto and Saturn retrograding in your 3rd House of Communication could be dredging up some old thought patterns, in order to show you just how unhelpful it is to look at things too intensely or be your own biggest critic. Your biggest gains are made through communicating from the heart and through seeing the big picture. While you may be great at every detail and nuance of an exchange, you’re laughing a little easier when you’re able to let dissonant information or even other people’s attitudes overwhelm you less.

It’s been other people’s actions that may have been providing the biggest drama, as the Sun and Uranus as well as the New Moon and Venus on May 15, have been lighting up your 7th House of Partnership, making you want some clear decisions on the direction of a relationship or making yourself radically open to a new one. Changemaker Uranus will be transiting the love-me-till-I-die 7th House for the next seven years, waking you up to soulmates or stoking your need for freedom and excitement within an existing relationship. Offbeat partnerships could arrive and leave if only to come in and teach a specific lesson. You may finally realize your limitations in mind control and committing to living your best life and letting others catch up. You have a juicy Full Moon in your sign, and 1st House of Self-Expression, on May 18. Think about letting someone take you on a date or at least plan something romantic with a friendly tribe of soulmates.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

Lucky Jupiter is digging his heels into your sign, retrograding until Aug. 11. While we tend to associate retrogrades with chaos and confusion (think Mercury), Jupiter retrograde is a subtler shift in which you’re digging more deeply into yourself and assessing your biggest aims and dreams. All that expansion needs a little contraction. This is your chance to retrace skipped steps. Adjusting those Sagittarian arrows of intent ever so slightly can wildly change your destination.

The last part of April and now early May, we’ve all been like bees in a jar with buzzy Mars in Gemini all the more intense due to opposition to Jupiter. This could especially be affecting you, magnetizing your big personality while at the same time pulling your attention towards a thousand conversations that seem just as urgent as the one before. You can thank Mars in chatty Gemini in that 7th House of Romance and Business Partners. Where you might catch a breath of fresh air is in the 6th House of Work and Service. While it doesn’t sound like a picnic, there seems to be a real wake-up call either for you to take care of yourself in a new way or work on yourself in whatever direction your soul is calling in the good old department of self-improvement. The more radical the better, as Uranus is visiting this sector of your chart for the next seven years. The New Moon on May 4 in that shape-up-or-ship-out 6th House may light up some ideas for how to reshuffle your daily routines to bring out your personal best. Everything is happening in perfect time, even if you feel like things are slowing down starting that second week in May.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19)

You’ve been the gracious host to Pluto and Saturn in your sign, which is no easy feat. They are pulling up the weeds for everyone, and ultimately there for our benefit, but sometimes it can feel as if real life is hunting us down with a spotlight and an excel spreadsheet. In your 1st House of Self-Expression, themes of maturation can be around the way you show up in a room from your style and energy to the way you’re able or not to contain your more base urges and be the bigger person. This is the Devil in the Tarot Card deck and as the Pluto and Saturn bear down on your Sun, expect to confront the inner beast. It’s not about denying the rage, lust, fear, and greed, but finding a way to integrate these very real parts of yourself in a way that is conscious and responds creatively rather than blindly reacting.

It can also be an incredibly ambitious time, but just remember everything in the external world is a reflection of our quality of attention in the internal one. Blindly achieving isn’t going to make you happy unless it’s rooted in your soul purpose, so stay connected even if that means being the hermit from time to time. With the Sun, Uranus, and soon Venus highlighting your 5th House of Fun, Creativity, and Love Affairs, the Cosmos does seem to be throwing you a bone. Enjoy it!

Aquarius (Jan. 19– Feb. 18)

You’ve been awful quiet Aquarius, learning to play nice with others as you’ve been diving into the sea of your unconscious and bringing up some pretty cool gems of self-discovery. It’s almost as if you can rule the world from your couch with sheer imaginative will. By this point, you’ve probably gone past the ego checkpoint that is Pluto and Saturn in your 12th House, forcing you to leave certainty and self-righteousness at the door. It’s been sharpening your natural affinity with philanthropy and infusing your aims with an even wider more spiritual and accessible message.

Where you’ve been having some fun is in your communication and correspondence, as Venus, Mercury, and the Moon at month’s beginning have been vitalizing your mental circuitry and making you a veritable one-man writers room. Where there’s still more room for growth and change is in the 4th House of Home and Family, which has faced some unexpected twists and turns as lightning bolt Uranus has been traveling in this most intimate sector. If you need to bring new energy into the home, a good day is on or around May 4 with a lovely Taurus New Moon reminding you that all you need is within you or beside you.

Pisces (Feb. 19– March 20)

Your finances seem to be trying to catch up with all the growth lately. Don’t despair if it’s taking a second as you’ve been putting a lot of fresh energy into turning into a wealth machine. I know, I know. Pisces are not all about the bottom line as much as tripping the ethereal light fantastic as long as it’s for the highest good of all involved. You’re probably waking up to the fact that money is spiritual. When you can take care of yourself, which for Pisces can mean days off to relax and observe the rolling waves of the ocean, you’re actually a lot more productive. There’s nothing worse than an overworked Pisces. All their sweet and open energy must be managed else they turn against their nature and pretend to be an Aries, which makes them tired, resentful, and feeling victimized by the big, bad world.

Lately, you’ve been in the crosshairs of a very energizing Mars and Jupiter opposition which hopefully has been pitching you out of your comfort zone and putting your work into the world. This shouldn’t be too hard with expansive Jupiter in your 10th until December. In more long-term news, you have zany Uranus in your 3rd House of Communication for the next several years positioning you to develop your original voice in new ways. With Mars shifting into compatible Cancer on May 15 and your 5th House of Fun and Love Affairs, allow some dreamy spontaneity into your personal life flow. You’ll be feeling a bit bolder and expressive and it could be a good time to make that heartfelt command for better exposure.

Aries (March 20–April 19)

You’ve likely been feeling your oats lately, Aries, as Venus in your springy sign has been making you cosmically pheromonal! Enjoy her catch-me-if-you-can presence until mid-month when she brings her charms into Taurus and your House of Money. Your House of Money is actually where a lot of the action is this month, as the Sun until May 21, Uranus until 2026, and Venus starting May 15 will be putting you in the position for big wins or big surprises. Your ability to attract resources can manifest in the most unconventional of ways, and if one source of income has dried up, feel confident that another one is coming through the chute.

Wherever Uranus is transiting there’s an opportunity to wake-up, individuate, and roll with the punches! For you, that’s in your 2nd House of Income so it’s time to expand not just on your wealth education but get in the mindset that lucrative bolts-from-the-blue can and do happen. Make a wish on the New Moon of May 4 in this house. Pluto and Saturn in retrograde can feel taxing at home, perhaps forcing your attention towards projects or real estate matters. This isn’t forever and as with all things Pluto and Saturn, there will be a concrete payoff for organizing domestic issues and facing things squarely, if only deeply within yourself or that parental shadow that needs to be forgiven and released.

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