May 2018 Horoscopes: What Actors Can Expect This Month

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This month is about restoring balance and sharpening our strategies after the shit show that was April. We’re in the swing of spring and able to enjoy a month without Mercury retrograde spooling us in knots and whipping our attention toward past steps. Pluto and Saturn are retrograde but this planetary whiplash has a markedly different feel. For one, these retrograde planets are in pragmatic, mountain-climbing Capricorn. Some of our attention will be turned inward, reflecting on how we can truly be of service and work smarter.

The Sun is also in slow-down-and-smell-the-roses Taurus, so a little mellowing out after all that Aries energy balances the excess heat of April. Pluto in Capricorn especially reveals any abuses of power on a global scale. This retrograde will spurn us to correct where we’ve overdone it and for those of us whose power is undercooked, it’s time to turn it on in service of correcting any shows of tyranny. Owning our “yes” and our “no” choices is a start toward getting more used to what feels true in our body (Taurus!) and connecting that to our voices.

Magnetic Venus in socially effervescent Gemini until May 19 is making sapiosexuals of all of us, eager to buzz and plumb each other’s minds as a gateway to deeper intimacy. Enjoy the titillating mental foreplay until the more sentimental, cozy, and emotion placement of Venus in Cancer defines the second half of the month. And in perhaps the greatest turn of the Cosmos, Uranus—the mover and shaker planet of the unexpected—will be turning its attention towards Taurus after a seven-year blaze in Aries. Uranus teaches through shock but also out-of-the-blue opportunity to adopt a new path and in this case, it will affect the earth, our stability, and the way we define, create and sustain not only wealth but life. Get ready for some out-of-this-world technology and/or a sign from that we’ve got to start implementing our genius plans to stabilize our world. The planet of the unexpected in the sign of stability should make for an interesting ride.

For the full skinny, read for your Sun and Rising sign below.


This is the month that Uranus, planet of all things change, turns up the electricity in your sign, perhaps giving a lot of you bulls a sense that “detours” or bolt-from-the-blue opportunities are heading your way. This zeitgeisty energy will provide a neon archway over the next eight years of your life. It’s that be-ready-for-anything feeling that can be unnerving for a stability-loving Taurus, but also deeply thrilling if you’re willing to exercise trust and believe that there’s a purpose behind what may seem like random chaos. You’re getting the call from the wild, a certain sense that there’s more out there than meets the eye, and different ways of getting out of your comfort zone.

Because this planet will be affecting your 1st House of persona, this readiness for change may first affect the way you look and how you present yourself. The mask you wear in the world is due for an about-face, and how you’ve been expressing yourself right down to your shoes, dress and hair are ready to express a little more of this newfound edge you’re exploring in your interior. The middle of the month, May 13–15, is especially ripe for you as Mercury and the New Moon in your sign co-mingle to bring you supportive information that helps you shape the frame of what’s to come.


If you’ve been feeling especially photogenic or delightfully schmoozey, you can thank Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, cruising your flirty sign since April 24 (and she’s here until May 19). If you do decide to get headshots in this time period (good idea!), the camera may catch you in an atypical thousand-yard stare as your mind may feel a little in the clouds lately. The Sun in earthy Taurus has been lighting up your 12th House of the unconscious and drifty dreaminess, making you space out a little more than usual.

When the Sun skids into your home sign on May 20, the beats of your life will pick up a bit and introspection will clear the fog. There’s something you’re chewing on behind the scenes in the deepest core of your being and relationships, and the quickest way to make peace with it may be accepting what’s outside of your control, at least at the moment. Geminis tend to want to understand everything but sometimes you just have to trust your intuition; pay special attention to what comes through when the Moon floats full in Scorpio at month’s beginning. With lightning bolt Uranus entering your 12th House terrain on May 16 for the next eight years, you’ll have plenty of time to learn when to quiet your head and allow your next move to show itself in a moment of clarity.


Gentle Cancers might feel like their life is in a survival of the fittest reality show as Pluto, Saturn and Mars in ambitious Capricorn are stoking the fires of transformation. How fiercely you can commit has felt like a life-or-death matter lately and it can offer little wiggle room for this deep-feeling water sign. At heart, Cancers may be all mush but responsibilities weigh heavy on the Crab and this planetary combo has been giving you a sort of eat-or-be-eaten mentality. Really getting to the root of what you want is the bedrock of later successes, but you may need to personally define what that means so you’re applying this incredibly formative energy to something you really want.

There is some tough love energy at work but if you’re willing to take some notes, this can be an incredibly growth-oriented time where you step into a new level of maturity and achievement. Because this get-to-business trifecta is lighting up your 7th House of Relationships, it may be through the catalyst of an important romantic or business partnership that your cards are shown or re-shuffled, or you’re simply dealt a lucky hand. Your power seems inextricably tied to relationships so if you do right by your commitments, you’ll get into the rich flow of life this month.


This is a life of developing confidence, learning to play, and demonstrating the presence and joy that comes from truly oneself yourself. Sometimes, we are stretched to our capacity in order to stretch our superpowers. Starting May 16 when shock-and-awe Uranus moving into a tense aspect with your sign, it may be such a time: you’re ready to spread your wings. Uranus shakes and wakes us up and when it’s in a square aspect to one’s Sun—like yours—sometimes it ushers in changes we never saw coming that serve the greater good. In short: be open and be ready for inventive solutions that bring you a greater sense of liberation and that Leonine confidence. It’ll be poking you for eight years, so it’s not like you have to become a live-out-loud, ahead-of-the-curve, iconoclastic Uranian overnight, but see how you can meet that wildcard energy halfway.

Uranus will be moving into your 10th House of career and honors, so it could be a willingness to make your “weird” stand out more; you could be a lightning bolt for change and progress on the world’s stage, but you will have to be ok with breaking out of your comfort zone. Around the New Moon in Taurus on May 13, pay attention to clues as to what your next career move is as it will be lighting up your 10th House of honors. You have all sorts of action in this part of your chart this month, so take the time to reach out to potentially helpful people and get your self out there.


With a supportive aspect from heavy-hitters Pluto, Saturn, and Mars this month, you could be in a robust productivity cycle where you want to retire by month’s end. Easy, Virgo. With two of those planets in retrograde, this is a time to trace some past steps, revisit old material, or repurpose existing skills so you can knock one out of the park. It will take effort and focus but that’s (most) Virgo’s strong suit and you have the sort of drive that can move mountains. Because Pluto, the God of Transformation, is part of the trio, there could be some collateral damage i.e. things ending that don’t support your aim. You may have to transform a part of yourself or will yourself to see through old blindspots, but the world is sparkling with opportunity to increase your long-range vision and give you opportunities to shine.

In your creative 5th House of love affairs and self-expression, it would behoove you to exhaust your creative outlets and even have a little fun while you build your empire. May is a month rich in supportive earth sign activity, so see about getting the hardest things done first. When Uranus moves into your 9th House of travel and higher-education come May 16, you’re looking for novel experiences that could seduce your inner wanderlust. With a New Moon on May 13 and communication planet Mercury moving into the adventurous 9th, there is a theme of travel and experimentation with new modes of thinking. Pay attention to what excites you, especially if it’s a little outside your daily circuit. You’re in the mood for anything you can chalk up as an experiential business trip, so you can feed your ambition and discover the new.


It’s your 4th House of home and family that’s really being lit up Libra, though this will present an opportunity for both growth and challenge. A parent may be taking special significance at this time and it’s an important period of reflection and checking in with boundaries around your inner space. As charming and attractive as you always look, there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface that may have you shuffling outside of the prying eyes of others. Getting serious about a home office or being really committed to making your home secure and comfortable is right up your alley now.

Sometimes with stern Saturn here, we have to look at what’s not working at the deepest level—our roots, parents and material space—before we’re presented with solutions. While I usually wouldn’t push materialism on a Libra because they’re already pretty adept at surrounding themselves with beautiful things, some creature comforts and splurges will do you well right now. The other part of your chart lighting up is the 8th House of sex, death, and transformation. The Sun is here until May 19 but shock-and-awe Uranus moves in just a few days prior and is here for a whopping eight years. Your relationship to beginnings and endings, sexual mores, one’s own emotional interior are about to undergo a lightning storm revealing what you couldn’t or weren’t ready to see before. Your personal courage to look at a situation and yourself more clearly will help this transformation along.


You start the month in the glow of the recent Scorpio Full Moon which could prove an auspicious beginning for May. With so much energy in the sign of Taurus and your 7th House of Relationships, you’re likely enjoying a lot of collaboration and partnership, romantic or otherwise. Get ready to be open to people outside your “type” as Uranus wakes up your 7th House of partners and you’re fascinated by people that fall outside your norm. Your individuality is ready to shine through and the first impact this will make will be on the people or person you choose to surround yourself with. Before you judge and seal up in a ball of Scorpio mystery, ask some questions. These mini-relationships could rush in and out with the speed of Mercury, so it’s not about getting attached so much as allowing others to hold up a mirror to your own inner iconoclast.

There’s also a traffic jam in your 3rd House of communication that is either making you very busy, enveloping you in a sea of correspondence, or teaching you the power of silence. With Pluto, Saturn and Mars in stoic, discerning Capricorn, you might be motivated to pare down the little distractions and really decide what deserves your attention. Just because you can do everything doesn’t always mean you should. You’re in the mood to talk turkey and you’re simply not interested in anyone who wants to beat around the bush.


Your Second House of finances is undergoing some major renovations while your 6th House of work, health, and service is due for a shakeup. You might be under construction as a whole—not a bad idea for the adventurous, devil-may-care Sag character. While your infinite grab bag of optimism may be an enviable trait, you may be getting some pretty strong signals that it’s time to send monthly auto transfers to your retirement account, take care of your health, and get the most pragmatic benefit from the gobs of energy you put out into the world with pragmatic Saturn, Pluto and Mars in earthy Capricorn sending you into deep introspection about the sustainability of your lifestyle.

With planet of surprise Uranus in that 6th House of work and health, the same ol’ routine just feels limiting in some way. Implementing new routines that improve your day-to-day health and well being—including finances—are all of sudden very attractive. Maybe Eastern medicine and energy work calls? Until May 19, you have magnetic Venus soothing your 7th House of relationships which may slot you at the top of someone’s adoration list. Even so, you’re hard-pressed to do things that seem strictly frivolous. Right now, you want to hear, taste, touch, and smell the benefit of all of your investments. Permission to be shameless.


The good news is that Uranus is moving on after a seven-year square to your Sun sign. Don’t get me wrong: a Uranus square can offer a lot of unforeseen variables that help expand your life, but it can also be a wee bit stressful. Now that Uranus is moving into fellow earth sign Taurus, the changes may feel a bit more in sync and supportive of your earthy flow, and it’s the the 5th House of love and creativity that will be receiving the charge. So while you’ve been on a career bender with hard-driving Pluto, Mars and Saturn in your sign, it seems it’s your dramatic, telenovela 5th House that needs to wake up and take the road less traveled.

Uranus may perk your interest in different and unconventional modes of expression and it may seem the Universe is conspiring to fill you with good material for a screenplay, one-person show or anything that serves to wake the culture up to some earthy wisdom. This hunger to spin a raucous tale and connect with your audience is something that begs for your exploration. This is also the House of children so working with kids or having a sudden urge to be a parent could also be something that comes up for review. While you’re getting your self-image in order (Pluto/Mars/Saturn in the 1st House), make sure to listen for what calls your sense of personal adventure. Coloring outside the lines when it comes to your creativity will be essential to your sense of liberation and watchability on stage and screen. Watch out for lovers and playmates as well that help open this door. You’ve been pretty self-reliant lately, but someone may just be that fascinating to draw you from your work cave.


The fact that Uranus is changing signs this month after the seven-year jog in Aries is a big deal for you as it’s your ruling planet. Everything that describes Aquarians—progressive, big-picture thinkers, cool and aloof emotionally but able to sniff out future trends—can also be used to describe the qualities imbued by Uranus. It’s been blazing through Aries and your 3rd House of communication and commerce which may have had you glued to your device and if not inventing new forms of connectivity, at least being a brand ambassador of social shock-and-awe messaging and a communicative style that attempts to move the planet forward. Now Uranus enters Taurus (May 16) and shakes you at the roots of your being. It’s no longer about just the counter-culture message you spread and the electricity that’s been fraying your brilliant synapses, but the kind of home you keep, the family you raise (nuclear or not), and allowing yourself to come into your own without any need for applause or adulation.

What happens in the 4th House stays in the 4th House, unless of course, you move which will be pretty obvious. It’s the house of our inner life and only family or intimates get to peek into our secret and perhaps most true world. Uranus is about to break open and excite that part of your life or at least wake you up to another layer of your individuality. And with three planets still rolling through your 12th House of the Unconscious, you’ve got a lot going on in the background that is getting ready to seed and make an impact on the choices that you make. Make sure you’re consciously disconnecting to listen so the Cosmos don’t have to force your hand.


The future is on your mind and long-range plans may loom with Pluto, Mars, and Saturn adding weight to your House of Future of Hope, Dreams, and Networking. Linking forces with like-minded souls and artists can really help you make a dent in whatever it is you’re trying to get moving. There’s something you provide in group settings that’s important to your development and it seems like “taking charge” is key. While Pisces are the chameleons of the Zodiac, there’s something counterproductive about blending into the group right now. Give yourself permission to drop into your lower register, rattle off some more provocative truths and stand up for what you truly believe for yourself and whatever plan it is you’re wanting to accomplish. Give yourself the gift of grit.

Planet of change Uranus will be opening a new chapter in the area of your life associated with communication, so this is perfect timing to start really communicating! You’ve had seven years of the shock-and-awe planet in your House of Finances which can feel a bit topsy-turvy and can bring both big wins and losses. Now it’s getting ready to leave all that behind and make an energizing sextile aspect to your Sun in support of the values you’ve discovered are essential. This is making you more excitable than usual and eager to express yourself, even if some people aren’t happy about it.


You did it! You’ve been the Uranian poster child for the past seven years and this planet of all things unexpected did quite a number on you, ushering in all sorts of I’m-not-quite-ready-for-that developments but also showing you what you’re made of. You can handle anything the Universe throws your way now, though you may enjoy the mellower vibe that sinks in once Uranus is officially out of your sign and away from your Sun beginning May 16. Uranus will now join the Sun in your 2nd House of income, setting you on a journey to carve out a way of supporting yourself that is aligned with your values.

Just make a little room for the unexpected. Uranus is about bolts-from-the-blue so this can be as much about sudden, lucky developments as it is about tapping into your savings. You just can’t pin this planet down. There’s always a future-sniffing, technological factor with Uranus so keep your eyes and ears open for unconventional opportunities to invest. And with Uranus in an earth sign, keep your sights within the realm of property, earth sciences, the environment, and any supportive technologies. You’re ready to re-define what nurtures stability for you and be part of that evolution by putting your money into something that feels on the cusp on the next big thing. Mercury, finally out of retrograde, is still in your sign just until May 13, which means your curiosity and mental energy is piqued. Set intentions around income, finances, and stability on the New Moon of May 15 when it lights up that financial house and may shed some light on the Uranian themes to come.

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