McDonough Joins Equity Staff

Marty McDonough has joined the Equity staff as its new business representative for stock, dinner theatre, and URTA contracts.

He brings a wealth of experience as a Chorus Councillor (11 years); committee leader; and contract negotiator, having been vice chair of the 2000 Production Negotiating Team, and also part of the negotiating teams for MSUA, COST, RMTA, and CORST.

In addition, McDonough has already used his writing skills to compose several Equity rules, including the "Emergency Understudy for Chorus" rule, as well as to adapt current LORT language to update the COST rulebook.

As an actor, he has appeared in several Broadway shows and national tours, and has worked under almost every Equity contract. He has also understudied, and frequently performed, Santa Claus in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.