Meet Your New Aladdin + More Industry News 7/14-7/21

Photo Source: Shutterstock; YouTube

Disney has an Aladdin (and Jasmine and Genie).
After a long, public search to cast its live-action “Aladdin,” Disney announced Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith would star at their D23 Expo last weekend. The movie is set to start shooting in August. (Twitter)

The Emmy nominations have a pretty serious gender issue.
Of the 14 series nominated this year for the best comedy and drama awards, none feature a solo female showrunner. (Vulture)

Afghanistan’s newest Sesame Street character promotes gender equality.
Last year, “Baghch-e-SimSim” (or “Sesame Garden”) introduced Zari, the show’s first-ever female Muppet. On Saturday, the show brought another new character to life. Zeerak, Zari’s brother, is “a 4-year-old boy who enjoys studying and learning” and “will show boys the importance of respecting women.” (AP)

The Flea has a new home.
After almost four years and $20 million dollars, the Flea Theater says the fall 2017 season will its first in their new home at 20 Thompson Street. (Theater Mania)

Disneyland workers claim low wages are resulting in homelessness.
Activists are targeting the Anaheim theme park for contributing to the local homelessness epidemic as a result of low wages. (The Guardian)

A peek behind the curtain of Hollywood’s accent whisperers.
British, Eastern European, Haitian Creole...dialect coaches can teach them all. (New York Times)

It’s official: Rami Malek is playing Freddie Mercury.
Looks like the much-stalled Queen biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” will finally begin filming with the “Mr. Robot” star portraying the lead singer. (Queen)

Agatha Christie is coming to Amazon, and not just in book form.
The streaming service just signed a deal with Agatha Christie Limited to produce seven dramas based on her writing. (Deadline)

Tony Kushner is taking on Trump.
The “Angels in America” playwright has plans for a play about the current President, set two years before his election. That Kushner refers to Trump as “borderline psychotic” can only mean it will be one of the hottest tickets...ever. (The Daily Beast)

Misty Copeland continues to be a perfect angel.
Yes, it's an ad for Under Armour, but her talent, strength, and grace are undeniable.