5 Mindsets to Avoid Before an Audition

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Have you ever felt amazing about your audition at home only to walk into the waiting room to find your mind start racing? Your inner critic takes over with all kinds of self-defeating thoughts and then they call your name.

Your confidence somehow flies out the window, you give a mediocre performance, and you walk away wondering what just happened.

You are not alone. This happens to every actor at some point, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

When your mind starts racing, you are likely focusing on things that are all out of your control. When you can let go of your competitive mind, and tap back into your creative mind, you will bring a more present and powerful performance into the room.

The key is to recognize when you are falling into a mindset trap and know how to let it go and do a quick mindset reset. Here’s a guide to help you.

1. Let go of wondering what they’re looking for. When you spend your time trying to figure out what they are looking for, you stifle your own creativity and end up completely in your head. Besides, they often don’t know what they’re looking for until it surprises them with amazing presence, confidence and authenticity.

Mindset Reset: I am present in this moment. I am here to talk, listen, connect, and react. I focus on bringing my unique take on this character into the room.

2. Let go of casting the job in the waiting room. When your inner critic looks around the room and decides that some other actor is going to book the job, it’s hard to walk into your audition feeling sure-footed. Remember, most often, the actor who you think will get the part never does.

Mindset Reset: Today I focus on visualizing a positive outcome. I see myself leaving feeling great about my work. I relax and allow this audition to flow freely.

3. Let go of rehearsing your lines the same way. Giving a truly present performance is not about repeating exactly what you planned at home. Practice your audition with different emotions, intentions, and even accents. This will free you up, so you’re not married to one way of doing the scene. It will make you more flexible when given an adjustment, too.

Mindset Reset: I am open to discovering all the possibilities within my work. I uncover something new every time I do the scene. I let go of how I think this should all go. I am here to free fall and play.

4. Let go of feeling you have to prove your worth. They didn’t call you in so you can prove that you should be there. They called you in because they feel you are right for the role. When you let go of feeling you have to prove your value, you will be able to immerse yourself more fully into the work.

Mindset Reset: I am worthy because I exist. I no longer find reasons to feel that I am not enough. Today, I step into my own light and am ready to shine in my unique way.

5. Let go of trying to book the job. The actors who walk into the audition room with a strong need to book the job, rarely do. But the actor who comes in ready to play within the scene while being fully present in the given circumstances is captivating. Do yourself the favor and make it your goal to connect, play, and let the rest go.

Mindset Reset: The right roles align for me easily and effortlessly when I am not trying, pushing, or needing anything to happen. I am detached from the outcome. I am here to play, connect, and leave.

This should give you a big advantage at your next audition. And if you want another fast and easy way to align your mind, download this free guided visualization for actors. It will help you turn audition anxiety and self-doubt into confidence and ease in under five minutes.

No matter how you choose to empower yourself, becoming aware of these mindset traps is the first step into letting them go. Here’s to rocking your next audition!

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