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BACK STAGE® is seeking a few good Bargain Hunters!

Back Stage is compiling a special Bargain Hunters feature, and we're looking for ideas and suggestions involving the best deals in NY.

This is an opportunity for actors, artists, filmmakers, stagehands, dancers, and comedians to share their greatest finds—

photos and resumes,

incredible clothing stores,

cheap eats,

bargains on groceries,






performance spaces, electronics, gyms, etc.—any and all the things you wish you'd known about when you first started out in New York. If you have a great deal or a hot tip, send your picture, contact info, and at least three spectacular and original bargains by July 29 to Back Stage, 770 Broadway, 4th fl., NYC 10003, Attn: Bargains; or email [email protected] Please remember: send your photo as an attachment! If we choose your suggestions, we'll run your name and picture in the Sept. 1 Bargain Hunters feature. Good luck.