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The Theatre Company at Hubbard Hall will hold NY auditions Thurs. Dec. 9 and Fri. Dec. 10 for its upcoming productions of Chekhov's "The Three Sisters," directed by Company Artistic Director Kevin McGuire; Brian Friel's "Afterplay," directed by Daisy Walker; and Shaw's "Pygmalion," as well as the summer Shakespeare production TBA. Send pix & resumes to Casting TCHH, 25 E. Main St., Cambridge, NY 12816. For additional information, visit You will be contacted by phone to set up an appointment. EQ. GUEST ARTIST CONTRACT. (First posted 11/26)


12/6 from 10AM-1:30, 2-5:30PM at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Ave., 16th fl., Studio #16J, NYC.

The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, will hold Equity principal auditions for "Mister Roberts" by Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan at AEA Audition Center, 165 W. 46 St., 2nd fl., NYC and Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Ave., 16th fl., Studio #16J, (holding room #16L), NYC. Equity production contract, $1,381 per week minimum. The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, Max Woordward, prod'r; Michael Kaiser, president; Robert Longbottom, dir. Tara Rubin Casting, casting. Rehearsals begin Feb. 7. Previews begin March 12. Opens March 17. Closes April 3. All performances at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC. Prepare a short contemporary monologue. EQ. PRODUCTION CONTRACT. (First posted 11/19)

Mon. Dec. 6—Equity performers, 10AM-1:30, 2-5:30PM (Ripley-Grier Studios).

Seeking—Lt. Roberts: late 20s-30s, idealistic naval officer who holds deep beliefs about duty and honor, in charge of a cargo vessel but desperate to see combat duty before the war ends, in conflict with his commander who continually blocks his transfer to a war ship; The Captain: 40s-50s, cantankerous and small-minded commander, despised by his men and eager to hang onto his hard-earned status as an officer, working-class man who fights feelings of inferiority by desperately clinging to his authority; Doc: 35-45, the ship's doctor, lieutenant, reasonable, fair, wise, a bit of a participant/observer, Roberts' opnly real confidante.


12/9 & 12/10 from 10AM-5PM at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 11th fl., NYC.

ArtsPower, in its 19th year as an Equity touring company, will hold auditions for Equity and non-Equity performers for the 2005 winter/spring tours of its three musicals: "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" (rehearsals begin Jan. 7; tours until May 30); "Mike Mulligan" (rehearsals begin Jan. 24; tours only until March 12); and "Rainbow Fish" (rehearsals begin Dec. 28; tours until May 31). Equity Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) weekly contract; $389 minimum. Greg Gunning, artistic dir. Equity procedures will not be in effect. Auditions will be held at Nola Studios, 250 W. 54 St., 11th fl., NYC. Bring sheet music to sing to piano accompaniment. Prefer standard musical theatre selections. No pop/rock. Accompanist provided. If asked to read from the shows, sides from the plays will be provided. Note: If not already a member, all non-union actors hired will be under an Equity contract and have the oopportunity to join Equity. EQ. TYA CONTRACT. (First posted 11/19)

Thurs. Dec. 9—Equity and non-Equity performers, 10AM-5PM.

Fri. Dec. 10—Equity and non-Equity performers, 10AM-5PM.

Seeking for "From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler"—Claudia: 20s but can look younger (teens), practical, organized, serious, planner, she masterminds the plan to hide out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, mix/legit; Jamie: 20s but can look younger (teens), Claudia's borther, intelligent, clever, adventurous, penny-pincher, lyric baritone; Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: 30-40s but can play older, narrator of the story, rich, no-nonesense, intelligent, cultured, mix/legit; Man of ManyHats: male, any age, comically plays several roles, versatile, quick changes, fun, very likeable, lyric baritone. Seeking for "Mike Mulligan"—Mike Mulligan: 20-30s, hearty, fun-loving, construction worker with a heart of gold, lyric baritone; Mary Anne: Mike's assistant and spirit of his steam shovel, also hearty, fun-loving, warm, friendly, talks to the audience, very engaging, mix; Mayor/Boss: male, true politician, comic but likeable, always looking to make a deal, also doubles briefly as Mike's rather severe boss, baritone; Young Girl/Henry Jr: female, 20s but can look younger, doubles first as a friend of Mike's, then as Henry Jr., the son of the Mayor, young boy, spirited, friendly, longs to connect with his father, mix/legit. Seeking for "Rainbow Fish"—Rainbow: female, 20s but can look younger (teens), spirited but niave, bit vain, likeable, mix/legit; The Narrator: female, fun-filled, energetic, bit mischievous, talks to the audience, mix/legit; The Shark: male, 20s, 1950s greaser, cool but fun, also doubles as a friend of Rainbow's, lyric baritone; Blue Fish/Star Fish: female, friend of Rainbow's, energetic, also doubles as a glamorous but vain movie star, mix.


Stamford Theatre Works (Stamford, CT) is accepting pix & resumes for "Blood Knot." First rehearsal Jan. 11, 2005; preview Feb. 2; opens Feb. 3; closes Feb. 20. Athol Fugard, playwright; Patricia Floyd, dir.; Liz Ortiz-Mackes, casting dir. SPT contract; $390/week minimum and transportation. Athol Fugard's humorous and haunting classic, "Blood Knot" is a parable examining the complexities of 1960s apartheid South Africa. Two brothers, one dark and one light, co-exist in a shanty on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth. Their relationship mirrors the co-dependence and dysfunction of the black and white people of South Africa. Note: South African dialects very important. Seeking—Zachariah: 30s, a dark-skinned African male, Zach is a simple working man, living a simple, rather ordered life, he is illiterate, and although he appears to be slow and nonthreatening, there is strength, rage, and cunning that simmer beneath his surface and gather steam; Morris: 30s, a light-skinned African male, Morris can pass as a white man, he is well-read, though his only possessions are a Bible and alarm clock, although he appears to be meticulous and in control, he is being crushed by shame and the stain of racism: his own, and that of the world around him. Auditions in NYC Dec. 8, 9, 15. Note: There is an Equity principal audition in Stamford on Dec. 3. See separate notice for details. Send pix & resumes to Casting Solutions, PO Box 21064, NYC 10011, Attn: Bloodknot; or email [email protected] (First posted 12/3)