How Can You Tell If Your Monologue Is VERY Overused?

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Overused monologues? 
Hi! Is there a way to tell if the monologue from a movie is overused? I’m trying not to select super popular pieces, obviously, but sometimes I find a movie I have never watched or never even heard of, and start thinking, Maybe it’s just me who hasn’t watched it, and others know it pretty well (especially when talking about the movies from the ’90s)?

“I’m just wondering if there is a database of ’NO-NO’ monologues? Any help or advice is appreciated! Thank you!” —DeepBoop

After I join SAG-AFTRA, what happens to non-union commercial work that is still on the air?
Want to make sure I’m understanding things clearly and not violating any union rules:

“A non-union commercial I filmed in summer 2018 started running in fall 2018. The buyout was for one-year, with First and Second Renewal terms (one-year each). I joined SAG-AFTRA summer 2019 (yay!). The non-union commercial decided to opt for First Renewal once the one-year initial buyout was up, so now the commercial will run through fall 2020.

“Now that I’m union, is it OK to accept the renewal? Or does the contract need to be renegotiated now that I am in the union? Thanks!” —unicornie123

Creating First Short Film, HELP!
Hi guys! 

“So this summer I’d like to finally put a script I’ve been working on for the semester on the small screen. I already have a cast but I don’t know where to go after that? I wanted to direct it and star in it as well, but I don’t have any camera equipment or anything. I wanted to submit my work to different (small) film festivals but I can’t submit a film if there is no coverage. Thank you so much!” —Magicalgirl

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