Excited About 'Freaky Friday 2'? Apply to These Feature Films + Other Gigs

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Photo Source: Courtesy Disney

A sequel to the 2003 hit “Freaky Friday” is officially in the works, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan expected to reprise their roles. While we keep our eyes peeled for future casting calls (be sure to bookmark our list of background gigs), we decided to round up some of our favorite teen projects or features to celebrate the news. If you love “Freaky Friday,” check out these projects that are casting now.  

HBO Max: “Pretty Little Liars”

The HBO Max series “Pretty Little Liars” is seeking background talent with roller skating skills. Talent will portray partygoers at a 70s-themed roller skating rink. Mandatory COVID-19 testing is on May 15, with shooting on May 16 in Hyde Park, New York. Talent will be paid $165–$197 per day, plus $60–$100 for COVID-19 testing, based on union status.

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“Camp Sugar High”

A nostalgic summer camp-themed music video for the upcoming pop single “Sugar High” needs talent. The production wants non-binary or gender-nonconforming talent with swimming skills, aged 20–35, to play Logan, the coolest kid at camp. Shooting is May 26 in Altadena, California. Talent will be paid $300 for the day.

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The new HBO series “BOSS!” is seeking female talent, aged 18 and up, for background roles as upscale ladies at lunch. Mandatory COVID-19 testing is on May 15 in the Bronx. Exterior shooting is May 16 in NYC, and talent will wear fall season wardrobe. Talent will be paid $165 for a 10-hour day, plus $60 for COVID-19 testing.

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Netflix: Feature Film

A Netflix feature film is looking for young talent for two principal roles. The production wants white male talent, aged 10–12, to play either Mookie, an overweight boy who loves baseball, or Mullin, an intimidating popular kid at school who is really good at baseball. The role of Mullin requires strong baseball skills. Shooting is in the spring and summer in NYC. Talent will be paid SAG rates.

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The short film “Lost/Found” is seeking talent for nonspeaking background roles. The story is about a young girl reconnecting with her estranged father before going off to college. The production wants female and male talent, aged 18–25, to play students, white male and female talent, aged 35–55, to play a father and mother, plus more. Shooting is May 21–25 in Los Angeles, California. Talent will be paid $132 per 8-hour shoot, plus overtime.

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“Tuesday’s Flu,” SAG Background

Connecticut-based union talent, aged 5–80, is wanted to portray bowling alley patrons in the feature film “Tuesday’s Flu.” Filming will take place on June 3 in Cheshire. Pay is $187 for eight hours of work with meals provided.

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“Urban Ed”

Join the cast of “Urban Ed,” a feature film about a group of at-risk inner-city students who come face-to-face with America’s broken education system and a world that’s full of contradicting lessons. A Black female actor, age 16–25, is wanted to play the lead role of Aryana. Talent will work in Springfield, Massachusetts, on July 12–30. Pay is $700 per week for three weeks of work with housing provided.

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