You Must Support Your Fellow Actor in Order to Succeed

Photo Source: Jeremy Folmer Photography

Brooklyn-based actor Arielle Beth Klein uses Backstage every day to hunt for opportunities. She used our listings to get cast in “The Yiddish King Lear.”

Connection is crucial.
“Every audition, callback, and contract I’m involved in is an opportunity to make connections and build relationships. There are directors and other actors that I have kept in touch with that I refer for projects, and vice versa. Keep in touch and be kind.”

She wants to stretch herself as a performer.
“I generally look for straight plays and film roles. I get put in two places, usually: the girl who’s a little bit broken, or the flirty type. I’m also currently looking for more horror experience to combine the SFX modeling experience I have with film.”

Show support for your fellow actors.
“Share that Facebook page of a new web series. Go to your friend’s show, whether it’s a Broadway show or a show that’s only up for one night at that black box theater. Support your colleagues and they will support you. Theater in [New York City] is magical and inspirational.”

Know the ins and outs of your profile.
“I have a few different filters set for searching through breakdowns. It makes it easy to know which [roles] I am right for and which ones to apply for in a timely manner. I also have my personal website and social media profiles linked to Backstage. Make sure you have all of your headshots and clips uploaded so you can submit the most specific media.”

Backstage has it all.
“Backstage is always listing new auditions. I love that it encompasses everything from print modeling castings to Broadway EPAs. I also love the casting director database!”

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