Love Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’? Fuel Your Love for Suspenseful Thrillers by Applying to These Gigs

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The cleverly insane premise and nerve-wracking tension of Netflix’s “Squid Game” has everyone hooked right now. After binging the nine-part series, you might have developed a taste for suspenseful projects. Well, why not join one? From a thrilling whodunnit to a suspenseful drama, here are six projects similar in tone to “Squid Game” you can apply for today!


This suspenseful melodrama from South Korean filmmaker Lee Jung-Sub, follows a young woman who travels with her partner to Barcelona, Spain and runs into a wealthy businesswoman. Female talent, age 18–25, is wanted for the lead, while male talent, age 21–30, and female talent, age 19–30, is wanted for supporting roles. Shoots 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. Production states this is a worldwide casting call with prize money of 120 million KRW ($100,000).

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This thriller is about a teen named Anita and her dad who wake up in the middle of the night to a reality scarier than her dreams. Female talent, age 15–18, is wanted for the role of Anita, and male talent, age 30–45, is wanted to play her dad. Shoots two days in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pays $100 daily with room and board. 

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“Malicious Mind Games”

This thriller is about a widowed mother who witnesses a murder during her overnight security shift, only to discover later the victim is alive and well. Talent, age 15–80, is wanted for a variety of background roles, including a high school student, a police officer, and a high school teacher. Shoots Nov. 1-16 in Boston. Pay is $13.50 per hour, and talent must be local. 

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Four Indie Horror Super Short Films

Six female actors, age 18 and older, are wanted for various roles across four super short independent horror films. Talent of all genders, age 50 and older, is also wanted to play business cabal members. Rehearsals begin Jan. 2022, followed by filming in Los Angeles in March 2022. Pays $50 per day plus travel expenses for background and lead roles will receive $500 per day plus travel expenses.

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“Taking Grace”

Join the cast of this feature suspense-drama. Female talent, age 25–35, is wanted to play Silvia Rhodes, a detective who takes the case for an abducted teen kidnapped by a serial killer, male talent, age 50–60, to play Russel Rooney, another detective looking for the serial killer, and female talent, age 18–24, to play Shawndra, the high school student who is kidnapped. Production also needs female talent, age 50–60, and male talent, age 35–45, for two other roles. Shooting will take place in the Houston, Texas area. Pays $200–$2,000 per week plus travel, lodging & meals. Talent must also be available for promotional and marketing events outside of production pay.

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“Red Light Murders”

This murder whodunnit feature is seeking female talent, age 20–25, 50–70, and 60–70, and male talent, age 25–32, for four roles. Production is also looking for a storyboard artist. Schedule to start shooting early to mid-Dec. Pays $100 per day plus meals provided. 

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