How Should Actors Be Networking During the Pandemic?

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Friends and networking during the pandemic?
Hi! With COVID, it’s hard to meet new people right now. I’d like to make new friends in this industry—so here’s a place where similar people can meet! I also would like to meet a friend who I can practice lines with or act out movie scenes with on Zoom, just for fun!” —kaitlynketsdever

Casting director workshops?
I’m looking for musical theater casting director workshops or seminars. Where can I find them online?” —TiffanyAzucar

Help getting started?
Hello! I just started with Backstage almost two weeks ago. And every time I do my applications for a project, I get kind of nervous but then very excited—but then I get more nervous because I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I just want to know, how long do I usually have to wait for an email from the project? What are the main things they are looking to find in a beginner?” —YSfan

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