3 Experts Offer Their No. 1 Tip for Networking Online

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Q: What’s your No. 1 piece of networking advice, and how can actors use social media to connect with industry pros?

“Write out a sketch and perform it on Instagram Reels. Give us a little behind-the-scenes [insight] into your daily life. Share your favorite moment onstage. Entertaining content also tends to be trending. The easiest way to keep up-to-date is by spending just a few minutes on social media daily…. Shareable content is anything you post on social media that your audience feels inclined to share. They may tag their friends or even repost it to their own feeds. More shares mean more traffic, which will ultimately bring more potential followers to your page.” —Maggie Bera

“Create a professional email address and add all your social media and website links to your email signature. This will maximize your reach. Every time someone forwards your email, the signature will be attached.” —Carlos Neto

“Actors should put a digital pitch package or electronic press kit together. Always include a headshot, a few lines about who you are, highlights of your project, and how you can add value to a potential segment you’re interested in appearing on. For these opportunities, actors should reach out to the entertainment reporter or producer for that segment. In some cases, stations have talent bookers that actors can reach out to as well. Another great way for actors to gain visibility is by guest posting. Actors should research what publications or digital platforms have an audience they want to reach. Choose an angle that speaks to the audience and adds value, and pitch yourself to the relevant editor.” —Nicole Sellars 

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Carlos Neto
Carlos Neto (@carlosnetodance) is a choreographer, dance teacher, actor, and Backstage Expert.
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Nicole Sellars
Nicole Sellars is a certified professional media coach and founder of TV Hosting Academy, a talent development and branding group for influencers, reporters, TV hosts, and on-air contributors. Sellars is a seasoned TV host, anchor, and actress who has trained dozens of successful on-air performers and continues to consult on the ever-changing media industry. Her clients have gone on to work for national news networks, host their own show, and launch their career as an on-air contributor.
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Maggie Bera
Maggie Bera is a NYC-based actor with a BFA in musical theater from Texas State University. Regional credits include TUTS Houston, Fireside Theatre, and Connecticut Rep. Maggie is also the founder of Actor Aesthetic, an actor lifestyle blog, podcast, and online learning community designed to educate artists pursuing a career in the theater industry. Proud member of Actors’ Equity and SAG-AFTRA.
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