New Projects Launched on Indiegogo, including 'Reservoir' and 'In Transit'

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Backstage's partnership with Indiegogo has helped raise over $920,000 for indie film, theater, and dance productions and web series. Will your project be next? Projects currently included on Backstage's Indiegogo Partner Showcase page include:

  • "In Transit": the feature film version of the award-winning short film of the same name, about two strangers from opposite worlds who influence each other to walk their true path, against odds, after meeting at an LA bus stop.
  • "Reservoir": a feature horror film about seven college-aged kids who camp on the shore of a haunted reservoir. Spoiler alert: Lots of people die.
  • "Wish Upon a Star": a Disney-inspired cabaret filled with singing, dancing, improv, and fun, from Edward Vera Productions.
  • "Cowl Girl": a quirky, comic-inspired web-series sitcom that revolves around one girl's plight to get her mint condition Pee Wee Herman doll signed and her hands on Khan.
  • "UnderDoges": a feature film in which a sign-holder gets fired from his lousy job and as a result gets into the drug and bitcoin money-laundering business.
  • "Harker: The Awakening": a feature from from the Film in a Year Project, "Harker" is a sci-fi coming-of-Age story about a popular high school senior, Tim Harker, whose life changes when he finds a crashed meteor that gives him super powers.

If you're ready to start raising funds for your own productions, visit to have your project added to Backstage's Indiegogo Partner Showcase (free for all Backstage users and selected projects). For more info, visit