Now Casting: An ABC News Docuseries Needs Talent + 3 More Gigs

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In today’s casting roundup, an ABC News Studios and Hulu documentary about a popular 1990s TV show is looking for day players. Plus, a dance and family-centered drama, a vertical miniseries, and a short film for Funplus are casting talent today!

ABC News Studios Documentary

Hulu is seeking talent for an upcoming ABC News Studios documentary that will examine a popular TV series and its role in shaping America’s pop cultural landscape in the 1990s. Talent, aged 18–35, is wanted to play lifeguards and cops in day-player roles. Talent will work June 26–28 in the Greater Los Angeles area. Pay is $643 for nine hours of work.

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Join the cast of “Nora,” a drama feature film about a passionate dancer facing her brother’s illness and her strained relationship with her mother. Talent, aged 18–60, is wanted for various roles, including the starring role of Nora. Some roles will require special skills, such as contemporary dance and piano/keyboard proficiency. Auditions will be held on June 22. Talent will work in Lansing, Detroit, or Rochester, Michigan. Pay is $250–$1,750 for up to seven days of work, with meals on set provided.

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“Flash Marriage”

Flash Marriage,” a vertical serialized short drama, is now seeking New York City-based actors, aged 18–70, for various roles. Talent will work on July 10–18. Pay is $250–$400 per day for up to eight days of work.

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“Sea of Conquest: Love Across the Pacific”

Join the cast of “Sea of Conquest: Love Across the Pacific,” a short film for Funplus set in L.A. that captures the essence of a deep and transformative romance that transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences. Three actors, aged 18–35, are wanted for the lead roles in the project, which will begin filming on Aug. 5 in L.A. Pay is $500–$600.

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