Now Casting: A Texas Beer Ad Needs Talent + 3 More Gigs

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Start your week off right with today’s top gigs! Star in a social media video for the fast food brand Rally’s. Plus, a SmartLock commercial, a lite beer ad, and an internal corporate video need talent today.

Rally’s Social Media Video

BT Casting is now seeking talent for a Rally’s fast food social media video. Talent, aged 18–45, is now wanted to play the lead roles of the video’s host and a restaurant manager, as well as various customers in supporting roles. TikTok experience is required for the supporting roles. Talent will work on Oct. 6 or 7 in Los Angeles. Pay is $250–$1,000.

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SmartLock Commercial

Actors, aged 4–45, are now wanted for a video ad for SmartLock. Filming will take place in Miami, Florida, with dates TBD. Pay is $150 for five hours of work.

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Light Beer Ad

Wild Acre Brewing is now seeking talent for a series of social media video ads. Talent, aged 21–35, is wanted to play tailgate goers. Filming will take place on Oct. 1 in Dallas, Texas. Pay is $100.

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Internal Corporate Video

Blue Marble is now seeking a male actor, age 35–45, to play an office employee for b-roll in a tech company internal video. Talent will work in Atlanta, Georgia, with the date TBD. Pay is $750 for half a day of work with lunch provided.

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